Willie Has Gone to the War


H. DE.MARSAN, Publisher. of Songs, ballads, toy books, &c. No.64 Chatham Street, N.Y.

Willie Has Gone to the War.

The blue bird is singing its lay
To all the sweet flowers of the dale;
The wild bet is roaming, at play;
And the sigh of the scale;
I stray by the brook-side, alone,
Where oft we have wandered before,
And weep for my loved one—my own:
My Willie has gone to the war!......

It was there, where the lily-bells prow,
That I Just saw his noble young face;
But now he has gone to the foe—
Oh! dearly I love the old place!
The whispering waters repeat
The name that 1 love o’er and o’er,
And daisies, that nod at any feet,
Say: Willie has gone to the war!

The leaves of the forest will fade,
The roses will wither and die,
And Spring to our homo in the glade,
On airy-like pinions, will fly;
But still I will hopefully wait,
Till the day when those battles are o’er:
And pine like a bird for its mate.
Till Willie comes home from the ware.

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