Young Eph's Lament


H. DE MARSAN. Songs, Bullads, toy books. 54. Chatham Street, N.Y.

Young Eph’s Lament.

Oh! where will I go if dis war breaks de country up,
And de da keys hab to scatter around?
Dis dam Bobolition, ’Mancipation, and Secession,
Am a-gwine to run de nigger in de ground!
For it’s Bobolition here, and Secession dere,
And neither one or t’other of ’em’s right;
One says dis, and de othersays dat,
And dey both got de Country in a fight.

Now, what is de use of dis jangulatin’ fightin’?
Botheration to de Country so forlorn!..
Why don’t dey ’tend to business, makin’ boats and buildin’ rail-roads,
While de niggers raise de cotton and de corn?
But Massachussetts here, and South-Carolina dere,
Disturb dis happy Union wid deir growls:
One says: You shall; and de other says: You shan’t,
And Uncle Sam has got to stand it all.

Oh! I wish dat de white-folks of dis great Confederation
Would only quit deir quarrels and deir fights,
And stop deir cannonadin’, marchin’, shootin’, and bombardin’,
And be willin’ for to use each other right;
For, it is very plain to see dat de end of it would be:
Dat dey’d know each other better dan before,
And dey’d make up deir minds dat, in all future times,
Dey wouldn’t go and do it any more.

What a deuced shame it is! Dis Secession-revolution
Am a-usin’ up de business of de land!
While trade and navigation, merchandise and speculation,
Hab very nearly come to a stand.
De crops won’t be growed, de meadows won’t be mowed,
’Kase dere’s nobody left to tend ’em;
Dere’s a scarcity, it seems, of cabbage, peas and beans,
’Kase dere’s nobody home for to send ’em.

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