Kingdom Coming


J. H. JOHNSON’S CARD AND JOB PRINTING OFFICE. No. 7 N. Tenth Street above Market, Phila.

Kingdom Coming.

Say, darkies! did you see ole massa,
With the moustache on his face,
Go down de road some time dis morning,
Like he’s going to quit de place?
He see a smoke way up de ribber,
Where de Lincom gun-boats stay,
So he took his hat, and left very sudden,
And I speck’s he’s run away.

He’s six foot one way, two foot ‘tother;
And he weighs three hundred pound;
His coat’s so big that he couldn’t pay de tailor,
And it didn’t reach half way round.
He drilled so long that they called him captain,
And he is so drefful tan’d,
I specs he’ll try to fool dem Yankees,
And to pass for a contraband.

Darkey they get tired of living
In de log house, on de lawn,
So dey take dere goods into massa’s parlor,
For to keep it when he’s gone:
Der’s wine and cider in de kitchen,
And de darkeys dey hab some;
I specks dey all be corn-fum-scated
When de Lincom sogers come.

De oberseer he gib us trouble,
And he dribe us round a spell;
But we lock him in de smoke-house cellar,
Wid de key thrown down de well.
De whip am lost, de hand-cuff broken;
But old massa will hab his pay—
He’s old enough and big enough, and ought to known better,
Than to went and run away.

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