The Pig Is Greased Behind


H. DE. MARSAN., Publishers. Songs, Ballad’ toy books, &c. 28&60Chathm Street, N. Y.

The Pig Is Greased Behind.

Come, listen all, ye jolly Boys;
It’s now I’m going to sing;
I’m right from the South, boys,
To make the banjo ring.
For, I know you want to hear
Something to please your mind;
Now, we’ll whip the South, boys;
For, the pig is greased behind.

They have tried to catch it, boys;
But, ah! just then it sneezed ;
And, though they had it then, boys,
They found that it was greased;
For, it walked off before their eyes,
And, though they tried to bind. . .
They saw what other are, boys,
That the pig was greased behind.

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