Striking Ile


Words by Dan D. Emmett. The music can be obtained at the most popular Music-Establishment of Wm. A. POND & Co. 547 Broadway, New-York.

Striking Ile.

The world it revolves on its own axle-tree,
Once in twenty-four hours, says G. O. Graffee:
The axle got hot, and the world stopt a-while,
And the people have all gone to Boring for ile.

There’s Lawyers and Doctors, and men of all grades:
Men that live by their wits, and men that have trades;
Tro’ old Pennsylvania, they’ve trudg’d many mile:
With their forty-foot auger, they’re going to Strike ile.

The Bulls and the Bears of Wall street, I am told,
Like true cats and dogs, they fight over the gold:
When a Green-back’s a dollar, the poor man can smile..
At a hundred per cent, he can never Strike ile!

John Bull, in his dotage, has smelled a big rat:
He’d rather meet Satan than one Democrat;
There’s a doctrine called Monroe will stir up his bile:
He may run the blockade, but he’ll never Strike ile!

Napoleon, the little, has lately grown thin:
He’s troubled with night-mare and Duke Dr. Gwin;
We’ve a small bill against him: ABE’S GOT IT ON FILE!
Then to balance his leger.. he’ll have to Strike ile!

Jeff Davis, in Richmond, don’t get along well:
His Southern Confederacy’s nought but a shell;
Let him brag and eat fire, in true Southern style,
He may dig his Last ditch.. but he’ll never Strike ile!


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