The Battle of Winchester


Published and sold by G. P. HARDWICK, Washington,D. C. We send 14 of our new songs on receipt of 50 cents, postage free, to all parts of the army.

The Battle Of Winchester. September 19th, 1864.

It was September 19th day the battle it began,
When our boys at Winchester with Sheridan led the van;
We charged the Rebs’ position and nobly won the day,
Crooks’ boys, with Wright’s and Emory’s, were also in the fray.
Then Early massed his men and said. “These Yankees are outdone,
“We’ve plenty of the chivalry, we’ll fight till we have won.”
But when they heard ’twas Sheridan they dropped their guns and ran,
For well they knew the “Fighting 6th” could capture every man.

On Fisher’s hill we gained some ground and Wright he then got in
With veteran men, the old 6th Corps, who always fight to win;
They carried all the rifle pits and scaled the rugged steep,
And took two thousand Johnnies while Early was fast asleep;
And when he woke the day was lost, he could not see our plan,
Five thousand more were put to flight and the ball had just began;
For when they heard ’twas fighting Wright they dropped their guns and ran,
They knew his boys at Gettysburgh when Sedgwick led them on.

Then Crooks with his men came up to share the laurels too,
The Shenandoah soon he crossed to strike another blow;
They charged the Johnnies man to man, and with a steady hand
Soon drove them from the mountain ridge and whipped the rebel band.
“Flee for your lives,” their leaders said, “our Early’s come to grief,
“Their P. H. Sheridan has whipped us bad, while we have no relief;
“Their charge is like the whirlwind’s blast which sweeps the mountain path,
“And carries death at every point. We’ve roused the northern wrath.”

Now Emory then received the shock and held the centre firm,
While Crooks he held the eastern slope, the west by Wright was turned.
The rebels charged, but all in vain, with Early’s vanquished host,
But still the centre Emory kept, and not a point was lost;
And onward rushed those gallant men with Wright the mountain scaled,
While from the mountain gully the deadly cannon poured;
Each crag and crest with bristling steel ne’er daunted these brave men,
Till from each rampart, spur, and peak, waved stripes and stars again.

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