The Nation is Weeping


Published by Chas. Magnus, 12 Frankfort St., N.Y.

The Nation is Weeping.

“Lincoln has fallen! the good and great!”
Wail of a people in sorrow;
“Martyr, we crown thee, at heaven’s gate!”
The song of the angels to-morrow.

Drape every dwelling in sable night,
Symbol of deep lamentation;
Wreathe him a garland of lilies white,
Fair type of the hope of a nation.

Lower our Banner! its stars are dim!
Mourn with Columbia weeping!
Bitter the tears she will shed for him;
Yet under that flag he is sleeping.

Under the loved flag, we lay thee down;
Green be thy bright fame forever;
God, in his goodness, gives thee a crown,
In realms where there’s sorrowing never.

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