Farmer's Daughter


E. NASON & CO. SONG PUBLISHERS, 120 Fulton Street New York

Farmer’s Daughter.

I once did know a farmer,
A good and faithful soul,
Who used to work upon his farm,
Around his cottage home;
He had an only daughter,
And to win her I did try,
And when I asked him for her hand,
This was his reply:

Now I own I love that young girl,
And dearly she loved me,
I used to go around her home,
Her smiling face to see,
To watch and milk her father’s cows,
While she was watching me,
And many a drink of milk

Now the old man has consented,
And married we will be;
We will own that little farm ourselves,
And live in harmony,
And try to keep the promise
That the old man asked of me:
Was to use her as his only child,

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