Watch on the Rhine


H. J. Wehman, Song Publisher, 50 Chatham St., New York.

Watch on the Rhine.

A voice resounds like thunder peal,
‘Mid dashing wave and clang of steel:
“The Rhine, the Rhine, the German Rhine!
Who guards to-day my stream divine?”

They stand a hundred thousand strong,
Quick to avenge their country’s wrong;
With filial love their bosoms swell;

While flows one drop of German blood,
Or sword remains to guard thy flood,
While rifle rests in patriot’s hand,

Our oath resounds, the river flows,
In golden light our banner glows,
Our hearts will guard thy stream divine,

Es braust ein Ruf wie Donnerhall,
Bie Emwertgellirr unb Bogenprall:
Bum Rhein, fum Rhein, fum beutsoben Rhein!
Ber will bes Stromes Sūter gein?

Durm Sunberttaugend zuát eŝ gmnell,
unb ulle Uugen blizen hell;
Der Deutime, bieber, fromm und start,

So lang’ ein Eropien Bĺut nom gíūht,
Mem eine Faust ben Degen fieht,
Unb nom ein Urm bie Būmge spannt,

Der Smwur erjmaĺĺt, bie Boge rinnt,
Die Fahnen flattern hom im Bind:
Um Rhein, am Rhein, am beutsmen Rhein,

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