Only Been Down to the Club


Henry J. Wehman, Song Publisher, 50 Chatham Street, (Up-Stairs, New York.

Only been Down to the Club.

Last night I was out rather late,
’Twas only an innocent spree,
My wife for my coming did wait,
When sleeping I thought she would be.
I found her in temper and tears;
Oh! she cried, it’s a sin and a shame,
And she scratched both my eyes and my ears,
But I told her I soon would explain.

My boots I left down in the hall,
And softly I crept up the stairs;
I kept rather close to the wall,
And thought to ascend unawares.
But, just as I got to the door,
I seemed to get lost in the dark,
I stumbled and fell on the floor,
And just then I could only remark:

She sobbed, she wept and she screamed,
And said she’d go back to her ma,
While I on the mantel-piece leaned,
And tried to enjoy my cigar.
I promised to buy her a dress,
If she’d let me alone for a while;
Then I gave her a sweet little kiss,
And I saw her beginning to smile.

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