The Retreat of the Sixty Thousand Lincoln Troops.


The Retreat of the Sixty Thousand Lincoln Troops.

T’was a clear and a beautiful day,
And the sun was in the sky,
And glistened with many a brilliant ray,
On the host as it hurried by.

T’was McDowell who had the command,
Who’d been ordered Manassas to take,
He’d Sixty Thousand for his band,
Lest the Rebels he’d underrate.

The grand army came up to Bull’s Run,
They thought the Southerns had fled,
They believed by the next day’s Sun,
To Richmond they’d be led.

But suddenly on their front and flank,
The masked batteries opened their fire,
They moved down rank after rank,
And thousands fell in the mire.

Nine hours they fought in vain,
For the Southerners did not flinch,
And many a man in death was lain,
For the Rebels contended to the very inch.

But a sudden panic seized their rear,
Which t’is said the teamsters began.
Soon the whole army was driven by fear,
That to Washington quickly they ran.

They threw away their gun,
That might encumber their flight,
They never ceased to run,
Till they’d reached Arlington Height.

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