The President's Chair.


The President’s Chair.

Ye Southrons arouse, and do battle, nor yield
To the black northern hordes now infesting your borders,
Not to meet a brave foe on a fair open field,
But coward assassins and midnight marauders,
Let us rise in our might,
Put the dastards to flight,
Or perish like Jackson defending our right,
And shew them no black hearted traitors shall dare
Dispute with our Davis brave Washington’s chair.
From insulting oppression that chafed us full more
Each sovereign state claims the right of seceding,
Their murderous footsteps are marked in our gore,
On their hearth stones Missourri’s fair daughters lie bleeding,
And their last feint death cries
Up to heaven arise,
‘Gainst each fratricide craven as onward he flies,
And their cowardly chieftain no longer shall dare,
Usurp from our Davis the President’s chair.

See! they come! let our banner float out on the breeze,
Carolinians, Georgians than whom none are bolder
Tennessee and Kentucky’s keen marksmen are these,
Hark! the rifle’s sharp click as it leaps to the shoulder,
And the oath they renew,
Rings through heaven’s clear blue,
That shoulder to shoulder brave loyal and true,
They’ll show them no dastardly recreant shall dare
Deprive our bold Davis of Washington’s chair.

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