Vica contre le service secret anglais


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    Vica travels to England to spy on and hamper the British war effort. While he has a run-in with Winston Churchill, his friend Tatave has a similar encounter with Joseph Stalin; both Churchill and Stalin are comically humiliated. The majority of the issue consists of a biased account of English history, particularly as it relates to France. Incidents described include the Hundred Years' War, the Jameson Raid, the Boer War, the Fashoda incident, the independence of Ireland (Eire), the English takeovers of Quebec and India, and British involvement in Greece and the Balkans. Joan of Arc, the Duke of Cumberland, Napoleon, Said Pacha (viceroy of Egypt), Cecil Rhodes, Eamon de Valera, and Mahatma Gandhi are among the historical figures mentioned or depicted. Vica and Tatave discuss the perceived looming threat to the French and the world of an alliance between the English, the Soviets, and the Jews. The importance of the Canal des Deux-Mers cutting across France to allow vessels to circumvent British control of Gibraltar is discussed, and the issue ends with Vica and Tatave participating in the construction of a Trans-Saharan Railway connecting Bouarfa, Morocco, with Gao, Mali.
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