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Can the Libraries purchase titles for me to download to my own eReader?


Not at this time. We have investigated the possibility of subscribing to Overdrive, a service that allows the loan of eBooks in its database to library users. Unfortunately, the selection of titles available is not very expansive, only some major U.S. publishers participate and our library colleagues at subscribing institutions tell us that they have been overwhelmed with technical support and service issues. We know that this would be a great service and will continue to monitor developments in this area. Meanwhile, residents of Durham, Wake and Orange counties can check out Overdrive titles via their public libraries.

How do I know which titles are on the eReaders already?

 You can search the library’s catalog for Kindle titles:  do a call number search on "kindle" to display a list.  All of the Perkins/Bostock and Lilly Kindles are loaded with the same titles, so borrowers have access to the same content regardless of the individual Kindle checked out. The Divinity Kindles have a different set of titles but again with access to the same content across Divinity Kindles.

Why only Kindles?

At this time, the Kindles are among the leading eReader technology available and provide access to the largest selection of titles for purchase.  However, the eReader market and technologies are in constant flux, and the Libraries will continue to explore additional eReader products and formats.  Please send comments and suggestions to ereaders@duke.edu [please note: this email is for Duke Libraries users]

Will the Libraries consider acquiring other types of eReaders in the future?

eReader circulation statistics and ongoing costs will be monitored to determine how effective and useful eReader circulation is and to determine if another model or type of eBook reader should be trialed by the Libraries.

Does Duke Libraries plan to replace print books with ebook titles?

No, we recognize that many people prefer print books to eReader titles. In addition, eReader formats are currently in flux, and the Libraries' goal is to ensure that titles purchased will be available long-term. We will continue to build our print collections in addition to purchasing high-demand titles for the eReader collections.

How to place a hold on an eReader:

Find  ebook readers in the catalog and click on an ereader link.
On the upper right side of the page, click on the truck icon with the "Get this title" link to place your request.
Enter your netID and password.
Choose an eReader and pickup location.
We'll e-mail you when your eReader is ready

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