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Coursera information sessions

Learn more about teaching in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in the Coursera platform. The Overview sessions provide a broad look at what MOOCs are, and how Coursera works in particular. The "Coursera Materials Creation" sessions focus in more detail on creating videos and other materials and loading them into Coursera; "Assessment in Coursera" describes the types of computer and peer-graded assessment possible in the Coursera platform; and "Student Engagement in Coursera" sessions focus on discussion forums, student wikis and student use of social media to form learning communities within their Coursera courses. 

Faculty applying to teach Coursera courses in 2013-14 are encouraged to attend the Overview session to start, and then if they wish, to attend any or all of the more detailed sessions. Faculty and instructional staff not applying to teach in Coursera but just interested in learning more about MOOCs, are also welcome to attend. 

If you plan to attend any of the sessions below, please register in advance so we know you will be there!

Coursera Overview

In this one-hour information session we will demonstrate key features of Coursera courses, share lessons learned from the first group of Duke Coursera instructors and describe the Coursera course development process. This session is specifically designed for faculty considering submitting a Coursera course proposal for 2013-4, but anyone is welcome.

Specific topics:

Sessions will be followed by an optional 30 to 60-minute Q&A period with CIT staff and/or Coursera faculty from 2012-13.

If you plan to attend, please register in advance so we know you will be there!

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