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Learning Analytics Discussion Group


Are you interested in the potential to predict and promote student achievement in your course? Would you like to consider different ways to measure the engagement of your students and their experiences in your course? "Learning analytics" is an analytical approach which focuses on evaluating data about students and their patterns of engagement with your course, your instructional strategies, and your materials, to enhance the teaching and learning experience and improve student success in your course or program.
Join CIT to explore the power of learning analytics as a tool for developing your course or program. We'll look at examples, read and discuss publications about learning analytics, and consider which data are available here to help us improve the Duke student and faculty experience. We're exploring these issues in an informal Learning Analytics reading and discussion group, and we invite faculty and academic staff to attend and learn with us. To help us gauge interest, please register for any session you plan to attend. For additional information, please contact



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