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DVS Workshop: OpenRefine - Data Cleaning, Mining, Transformations, and Text Normalization

OpenRefine is a modern data wrangling tool used to resolve common and obscure data cleaning challenges.  In this workshop you will explore data without becoming a programmer, easily find patterns and facets, detect and clean inconsistencies, and exert the power of a data enginneer without learning C++ or Python.  OpenRefine supports both entry-level and advanced problems; is intuitive and powerful; is a tool for normalizing data; and supports reproducibile data transformations.  Oh, and it's kinda cool, dude.

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No Prerequisites.  We'll start with easy examples but you can follow the self-paced hands-on workbook to meet your comfort level.  Following a brief introduction, you can get up to speed at your own pace.  If you like you can move quickly to more advanced pattern recognition functions.  Or you can play int he kiddie pool with the water wings.  It can be very helpful to have familiarity with text processors, find-and-replace functions, and columnar data analysis programs such as Excel, Stata, or R.  

Registration Date Time Location Presenter(s)
Closed Wed 09/11/13 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Bostock Library Room 023 (Library Classroom) Staff, Data and Visualization Services
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