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World War II
Minister's meeting, Rome, Fascist Italy, 1940 Near Verdun after the German breakthrough at Sedan, France, 1940 French tank brigade near Verdun after German breakthrough at Sedan, France, 1940
Collaborationist, Marseille, France, 1944 Village main street, Lung Chuan-I, China, 1941 Hat seller, Lung Chuan-I, China, 1941
Tea room, Lung Chuan-I, China, 1941 Village street with temple bell, Lung Chuan-I, 1941 Conscripts of the Chinese National Army walk through Chungking on a labor detail, China, 1941
Corregidor just before Japanese attack, Philippines, 1941 Street fighting, Manila, Philippines, 1945 American and Filipino guerillas join forces in attack on Japanese, Northern Luzon, Philippines, 1945
Shelling of Walled City, Manila, Philippines, 1945 Chinese nationalist troops at front, Pengpu, China, 1945