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"It's good to be black 'cause you can be a token and get your foot in the door. But when you really think about it, you don't want to be a charity. To me being black is like -- it's hard to put -- like sometimes you get in the bus and there'll be a white bus driver, and instead of putting in your full fare you put in half.

"Sometimes when I go in the classroom, I feel I'm being looked at as a hood. I'm loud and boisterous. I'll come late, a lollipop in my mouth, no homework. Then I don't get a good grade and I'm upset. When I grew up, being smart was not the 'in' thing, and that sort of stuck to me.

"Once there was six of us -- all black. It was quarter to four in the morning. We was in this car, and these two white cops saw us and started chasing us. We swung on a side street and lost them, but I was just thinking, why were they chasing us? We weren't speeding or nothing."

Mark Agard

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