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The Duke Libraries is indebted to our sponsors but also to many individuals who donated materials & professional energy to the realization of The Sea Is History. We thank the people below for their assistance in various phases of the physical & virtual exhibit.

Duke Faculty, Staff, Students & Alums
Holly Ackerman, Curator
Margaret Brown, Exhibit Coordinator
Sathya Acevedo
Joaquín Bueno
Michaeline Crichlow
Tom Crichlow
Beth Doyle
Ashley Jackson
Deborah Jenson
Lester Matte
Ilene Nelson
Danette Pachtner
Grant Samuelsen
Mark Thomas
Shelby Tilley
Yisel Valdés
Paul Wilshire
Mark Zupan

Cuba Exhibit
Rosi and David Álvarez, Kendall, FL
Elizabeth Campisi, Standing Rock Reservation, North Dakota
Kendall Coffee, Miami, FL
Guarioné Díaz, Miami, FL
Elliot Klein, Havana, Cuba
Sergio Lastres, Hialeah, FL
Janet Weininger, Palmetto Bay, FL

Haiti Exhibit
Susana Barciela, Miami, FL
Stephen Brown, Fayetteville, NC
Sharon Ginter, Miami, FL
Marcy Kagan, Newtonville, MA
Cheryl Little, Miami, FL
Gary Monroe, DeLand, FL

Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico Exhibit
Thomas Amerson, USCG, Groton, Connecticut
Ricardo Castrodad, USCG, San Juan, P.R.
David Searby, US Embassy, Santo Domingo, D.R.
Joaquín Zaglul, Publicitaria Contacto, Santo Domingo, D.R.

Globalization Exhibit
Deborah Kelly, Sydney, Australia
Mimmo Paladino Studios, Milan, Italy
Joel van Houdt, Brouwershaven,The Netherlands

United States Coast Guard Historian’s Office, Washington, D.C.
Nora Chidlow
Robert Browning


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