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Election of 1948

Who were the candidates?What were the issues?Vote!Who won?What happened?

Who won?

Truman won.

Truman pin

Truman pin

Almost all the pollsters and the press predicted a Dewey victory.  Truman thereby pulled off one of the biggest upsets in U. S. political history.

The Chicago Daily Tribune printed “Dewey Defeats Truman” as its post-election headline, issuing a few hundred copies before the returns showed conclusively that Truman won.

Candidates Popular Vote Electoral College Vote
Truman/Barkley 49.6% 57.1% (303)
Dewy/Warren 45.1% 35.6% (189)
Thurmond/Wright 2.4% 7.3% (39)
Wallace/Taylor 2.4% 0% (0)

What happened during or as a result of Truman's presidency?


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