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Perkins GalleryPerkins Gallery

Location: Perkins Library (corridor outside of The Perk) | Hours

Contact: Meg Brown, exhibits coordinator   |  meg.brown@duke.edu  |  (919) 681-2071



  • Duke University Libraries purchased the exhibit cases in the Perkins Gallery with a generous grant from the E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation.
  • The space includes three table cases, four small pedestal cases and two upright cases.
  • All cases are locked and have security alarms.
  • The gallery is a public space with 24-hour access.
  • It is most appropriate for displaying three-dimensional objects, such as books and manuscripts.

Gallery Policy: 

  • Exhibits in the Perkins Gallery support the cultural, historic, scholarly and social concerns of Duke University.
  • Members of the Duke community, as well as the larger Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill community, may curate exhibits in this space if the content is in support of the Duke University Libraries' mission.
  • Curators may display library materials in this space (but this is not a requirement). 
  • Library departments may curate exhibits in the Perkins Gallery to publicize the richness and diversity of the collections, to highlight services in the libraries or to share interesting research.


Duke Divinity LibraryDivinity School Library Space 

Location: Divinity School Library (in the Gray Building to the right of Duke Chapel) | Hours

Contact: Beth M. Sheppard, director of the library  |  bsheppard@div.duke.edu  |  (919) 660-3452



  • There is two exhibit spaces in the Divinity School Library.
  • The first space iincludes two small display cases that accomodate objects and books.
  • The second second space includes 15 feet of wall space that accomodates visual art.

Gallery Policy: 

  • The Divinity School Arts Committee reviews applications for exhibits. The director of the library also must approve the exhibit. 
  • Reviewers give rreference to exhibits about the library or to exhibits that express the mission of Duke Divinity School through art.

IAS galleryIAS Office Exhibit Space 

Location: Bostock Library (second floor, outside of the International and Area Studies offices) | Hours

Contact: Kristina Troost, head of IAS and librarian for Japan  |  kristina.troost@duke.edu  |  (919) 660-5844



  • The exhibit space includes two glass display cabinets measuring about 6-by-9 feet. One cabinet has five shelves and the other does not have shelves.
  • This space is appropriate for both three-dimensional objects, such as books and manuscripts, and two-dimensional works that one can hang on the wall.

Gallery Policy: 

  • IAS staff decide on content for this space.
  • Exhibits should display international collections.

Lily library Exhibit spaceLilly Library Space 

Location: Lilly Library | Hours

Contact: Kelley Lawton  | kelley.lawton@duke.edu  |  (919) 660-5990



  • Lilly Library has many artworks on permanent display.

  • Multiple display cases in the foyer of the Lilly Library and on the north mezzanine of Lilly Library's second floor house art, memorabilia, photographs  and other items of interest to our patrons. 
  • The first floor stack entry hallways accomodate two-dimensional art. The south hallway is 30-feet long, and the north hallway is 34-feet long.

Gallery Policy: 

  • Cases display materials highlighting the libraries' collections, recent acquisitions or special themes and subjects.
  • Hallway gallery space exhibits are coordinated in conjunction with the Library Exhibits Program and change throughout the school year.
  • Students and faculty can propose or suggest an exhibit by contacting Kelley Lawton.

Medical Center Library exhibit galleryMedical Center Library and Archives Exhibits  

Location: Medical Center Library and Archives (various spaces in the building) | Hours

Contact: |    |  



  • Permanent exhibits include:
    • apothecary jars in the lower lobby
    • a medicinal herb garden exhibit in the History of Medicine Reading Room Terrace
    • Exhibits of the history of stereotactic neurosurgery, the 65th general hospital, The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society and Schilling Library memorabilia on the first floor
    • a Zeiss microscope on the balcony.
  • Rotating exhibits include:
    • one case in the main lobby
    • three cases in the mezzanine
    • four cases on the lower lobby
    • one mila-wall with six light gray modules (each 3 feet wide and 8 feet tall) located in the mezzanine.

Gallery Policy: 

  • Exhibits should be related to health sciences and medicine.
  • Items displayed on the mila-wall should be two-dimensional. The mila-wall is in a public space and cannot be locked. 
  • Library visitors can see the herb garden during library hours by way of the outside staircase to the left of the Searle Center entrance.

Preservation GalleryPreservation Department Exhibit Case 

Location: Perkins Library (Lower Level 1, outside Room 023)  | Hours

Contact: Beth Doyle, Head, Conservation Services  |  b.doyle@duke.edu  |  (919) 660-5985



  • Display area includes one case with shelves.
  • The case is 5 feet wide and 8 feet tall.

Gallery Policy: 

  • This space is designated for displays about the conservation, digitization and preservation of Duke University Libraries' materials.

  • The Conservation Services Department schedules and mounts exhibits.

Rare Book Room Exhibit SpaceRare Book Room Cases

The Rare Book Room cases are under renovation and will re-open in Fall 2015. For more information, contact Exhibit Coordinator Meg Brown at meg.brown@duke.edu.



Rare Book Room hallway casesRare Book Room Hall Cases 

The Rare Book Room hallway is under renovation and will re-open in Fall 2015. For more information, contact Exhibit Coordinator Meg Brown at meg.brown@duke.edu.



Photograph gallerySpecial Collections Gallery

The Special Collections hallway is under renovation and will re-open in Fall 2015. For more information, contact Exhibit Coordinator Meg Brown at meg.brown@duke.edu.