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Date Exhibit Contact WHICH WALL?
May 1 - Aug 20, 2014 The Guardians of History Mary Samouelian Campus Club Wall
August 20-October 2, 2014 Duke University Employee Art Show Jennifer Collins-Mancour Campus Club Wall
October 2-November 2, 2014 Campus Club Wall
November 2-December 2, 2014 Women in International Development Madeline Katz Campus Club Wall
Decmber 2, 2014-February 3, 2015 Rainer Maria Rilke David Need Campus Club Wall
February 3-March 3, 2015 Me Too Monologues Natalie Ritchie Campus Club Wall
March 3-April 3, 2015

Islam in the Americas and Muslim Women across the Ages

Mona Hassan Campus Club Wall
April 3-May 3, 2015 UA-Student Organizations Amy McDonald Campus Club Wall
August -October Duke University Employee Art Show Campus Club Wall
December-February Center for Multicultural Affairs Vanessa Lusa Campus Club Wall
February 1-March 1, 2016
March 1-April 1, 2016
April 1-May 1, 2016 Graduate Student Photo Contest/90th anniversary of graduate school John Zhu Campus Club Wall
May 1-September 1, 2016
September 1-October 1, 2016
October 1-November 1, 2016 History of the Graduate School John Zhu Campus Club Wall
April 15-July 15, 2014 Introduction to Islamic Civilization Class Mona Hassan Student Wall
July 15-October 6, 2014 Beehive Collective project Carla Cella Student Wall
October 6-November 6, 2014 National Day of Writing Vicki Russell Student Wall
November 6-December 6, 2014 Poetry Deborah Pope Student Wall
December 6-February 1, 2015 "the maid project" Orin Starn Student Wall
February 1-March 1, 2015 The Duke Dance Marathon Sonja Samant Student Wall
March 1-April 1, 2015 LGBT political refugees Max Erdemandi Student Wall
April 1-May 1, 2015 Construction Michael Norwalk Student Wall
August-October, 2015 Duke University Employee Art Show Student Wall
October-November 2015 National Day of Writing Jim Berkey and Margaret Swezey Student Wall
November-December 2015 You're not alone

Jenna Zhang

Student Wall
December 2015-Feburary 2016 WISER

Madelaine Katz 

Student Wall
Feb 1-March 1, 2016

March 1-April 1, 2016

April 1-May 1, 2016