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“Apartheid sharpened my wish and need to probe with a camera. But when apartheid ended, I wasn’t suddenly at sea; I didn’t need an enemy to be a photographer in this country. During the apartheid years my primary concern was with values: what our values were, how we had arrived at them, and particularly how we expressed them. And once you start with that line of thinking, there is no break, there is a continuation. I am still concerned with what our values are, and how we are expressing them. And I am as disgusted with some of the values we have now as I was with some of the values we had under apartheid.”

Victoria Cobokana, housekeeper, in her employer’s dining room with her son Sifiso and daughter Onica, Johannesburg, June 1999. Victoria died of AIDS on 13 December 1999, Sifiso died of AIDS on 12 January 2000, Onica died of AIDS in May 2000.
Johannes Rens, mayor, Letsemeng Local Municipality, in the council chamber, Koffiefontein, Free State. 31 August 2004
Adverts on the base of the telecommunications tower, Hillbrow, Johannesburg. 18 January 2002
George Nkomo, hawker, Fourways, Johannesburg. 21 August 2002
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