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“I don’t speak about creativity—it’s not part of my vocabulary—but simply to work, to take photographs that were, as far as I could make them, penetrating of that time and the circumstances in which we lived, that was my concern. And there is no question that apartheid spurred me on in that endeavour. If we had been a democracy from the beginning, and lived completely different kinds of lives, I’m not sure whether I would have become a photographer. And if I had, I suppose my work would have been quite different.”

The commando of National Party supporters that escorted the late Dr Hendrik Verwoerd to the party’s 50th anniversary celebrations. The middle horseman in the front rank is Leon Wessels, who later became Deputy Minister of Law and Order in the National Party government. He was also the first senior member of that party to apologise for apartheid. De Wildt, Transvaal (North West Province), 31 October 1964
Child with a replica of a Zulu hut at the Voortrekker Monument, on the Day of the Covenant. This day commemorated the vow taken by the Voortrekkers before the Battle of Blood River, that if God gave them victory over the Zulus they would always keep it as one of thanksgiving. Pretoria (Tshwane), Transvaal (Gauteng), 16 December 1963
Flip du Toit on the stoep of his farm workshop at Abjaterskop.	Marico Bushveld, Transvaal (North West Province), 1964
Margaret Mcingana, who later became famous as the singer Margaret Singana, Zola, Soweto, Johannesburg. October 1970
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