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“I was drawn to shooting pictures of what was happening, and I became very aware of how the news was being presented, especially on television but also in the newspapers. There was a voice inside me saying, this isn’t true, I can’t believe what they are saying, this doesn’t make sense. Some of the police versions of events just did not sound logical to me, and going out with a camera was a way of going to see for myself; a pretext to immerse myself in some of those things and to see the truth. And I started seeing how an event that had unfolded in front of me was being presented on the 8 p.m. television news, and it would be completely different.”

Riot police arrest an Anglican priest, Michael Weider, at a community protest against the reservation of local public amenities, Ashton, western Cape, June 1990
Residents of Guguletu in Cape Town queue for the country’s first democratic elections, 27 April 1994.
Segregated public toilets at the back of the Johannesburg City Hall, 1984
Police raid the headquarters of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), Johannesburg, 1987.
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