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Mt. Tinna M. B. Church, Scott, Mississippi, 1990
Bethlehem No. 2 M. B. Church, Shaw, Mississippi, 1991
Campbellsville Church, Holly Bluff, Mississippi, 2007
  Mt. Tinna M. B. Church  
  Bethlehem No. 2 M. B. Church  
  Campbellsville Church  
Candidate for baptism, fourth week in August, Perthshire, Mississippi, 1989
Baptism, Jerusalem M. B. Church, Mound Bayou, Mississippi, 1989
Candidate for baptism, Mound Bayou, Mississippi, 1990
  Candidate for baptism, Perthshire  
  Baptism, Jerusalem M.B. Church  
  Candidate for baptism, Mound Bayou  
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Photographs Copyright © Tom Rankin. Used by permission.