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About the Collection

Lilly Library's Film and Video Collection includes more than 20,000 DVDs / 13,000 streaming videos / 12,000 videocassettes / 600 LaserDiscs / 700 16mm films.

The Film and Video Collection is multidisciplinary and international in scope and supports the teaching and research on Duke's campus across disciplines and departments. It is composed of feature films, documentary films and shorts in the following formats: DVD / streaming video / videocassette (both VHS & U-matic) / LaserDisc / 16mm film.

Core areas of strength of the collection include:
animation/Japanese anime / dance / documentary / Early/Silent Era / experimental/avant-garde / international films from Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Latin America, the Middle East, South Asia & Western Europe / LGBT /science fiction / Southern Americana / women's studies

Viewing films

View Lilly's film and video resources in the carrels in Room 113. We have the following equipment:

  • 4 multi-region VCRs for viewing U.S. & international videocassettes
  • 16 codefree DVD players for viewing U.S. & international DVDs
  • 1 codefree bluray player
  • 1 LaserDisc player*
  • 1 U-Matic tape player for viewing 3/4" tapes*
  • 1 16mm projector*

We also offer viewing equipment for film screenings in Room 103, the Lilly Training Room.  For information about the viewing equipment or to reserve Room 103 for a screening, contact Ken Wetherington by calling (919) 660-5989 or emailing If you require viewing options in a classroom outside of Lilly Library, please contact Trinity Arts & Sciences at 919-660-3088 or use this form.

*To view materials on the laserdisc, u-matic or 16mm equipment, please contact Ken Wetherington at (919) 660-5989 at least 2 days in advance.


Film & Video Research

  • Learn more about film & video resources (books, databases and other Internet resources). 
  • For questions, purchase suggesstions or to schedule a research consultation, please contact the Librarian for Film, Video & Digital Media Danette Pachtner.
Phone: (919) 660-5886
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