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Changes in Elsevier E-journal Access

Due to recent journal cancellations necessitated by the end of the licensing agreement between the Triangle Research Libraries Network (Duke, UNC, NCSU and NCCU) and Elsevier Science, links to certain journals will be removed during January from the online catalog and the e-journals page. In the immediate term, our libraries will work with you to minimize the impact of this particular decision on your research and teaching. We will provide timely delivery of the articles in canceled journals and try to find reasonably priced resources whenever possible. In the case of the Perkins Library System (Perkins and its branches), the libraries will cover any reasonable costs, including royalty fees. Depending on existing policies and fees for services, the professional school libraries may implement different approaches to handling costs. The Document Delivery Services staff is prepared to assume this challenge and will provide extra assistance in obtaining needed articles. At the same time, the librarians are exploring new models of scholarly communication that may, in the long term, help reduce costs and make academic resources more widely available. For more information, please contact the Perkins System Document Delivery Services department at 660-5890, the Perkins Reference Desk at 660-5880 and/or your subject librarian (http://www.lib.duke.edu/texis/directory/specialists.html). For more information on TRLN�s negotiations with Elsevier, see http://www.trln.org.

Posted 01/15/2004


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