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The von der Heyden Pavilion Reopens

Saladelia will provide beverage and food service for the Perk at the Pavilion

The von der Heyden Pavilion reopened as a gathering place on Thursday, 17 August, with beverage and food service scheduled to resume on Wednesday, 23 August.  The Perk at the Pavilion welcomes the Saladelia Cafe as the vendor for the 2006-2007 academic year.  The Perk will offer fair-trade, organic tea and locally roasted coffee along with homemade desserts, pastries and other light fare.

 The former Perk at the Pavilion vendor, the Mad Hatter's Cafe and Bakeshop, chose not to renew its contract because manager Jason Balius found that operating at the Pavilion made it difficult to maintain desired service levels at the Mad Hatter's popular Main Street restaurant.

Operating hours when the Perk at the Pavilion reopens on Wednesday, 23 August, are as follows:

Mon.-Thurs. 7:30am-midnight, Fri. 7:30am-5:00pm, Saturday closed, Sun. 5:00pm-midnight

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Posted 22 August 2006

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