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Do-It-Yourself Checkout Now Available at Perkins

Check out books from one of three self-service terminals

Library users in a hurry can now check out books at Perkins Library without having to wait for assistance at the circulation desk.  Self-check machines are available in three locations: Near the book return area at the Perkins circulation desk and inside the gateway entrances of both Perkins and Bostock.

This is how it works:
To check out a book, place your DukeCard or library card under the red scanner light.  Following the prompts on the screen, locate the barcode on the book and place it under the scanner.  Finally, place the spine of the book in the V-shaped cradle to finish the checkout process.  You'll hear a little "ping" to indicate a successful transaction.  If you have more books to check out, you'll need scan the barcode and place the spine in the cradle for each book before moving to the next book.  When you have checked out all your books, touch the Print Receipt button to get a list of your checkouts and their return dates.

Some books cannot be self-checked:
Only books that have barcodes attached to the cover or on the inside back pages can be self-checked.  If the machine cannot read your card or a book barcode, you'll be prompted to go to the circulation desk to check out that book.  Please note that we're experiencing a problem in checking out items from the New & Noteworthy and Duke Authors collections on these machines; you will need to bring books from these areas to the circulation desk for checkout.

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Posted 2 October 2006

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