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Chemistry Library Collections, Staff and Services Move to Perkins

Changes become effective 28 August
In conjunction with the Chemistry Department’s move to the  French  Family  Science  Building  , the Chemistry Library at Gross Chem has closed, and the collections, staff and services have moved to Perkins Library. The chemistry books are intershelved in the Perkins stacks, new chemistry journals are intershelved with the current journals in Bostock, and reference service for chemistry-related inquiries has been integrated into the service offered at the reference desk on Perkins 1.
Chemistry course reserves will be available at the BES Library as will materials requested from interlibrary loan, BARD, and the Library Service Center by library users who had designated the Chemistry Library as their delivery point.
Chemistry Librarian Anne Langley’s office is now 226 Bostock.   Contact her at anne.langley@duke.edu or 660-1578. Chemistry Periodicals Assistant Jennie Holton Fant has moved to 037 Bostock.

The Chemistry Library website is live with a new name, Chemistry Library Resources, at http://www.lib.duke.edu/chem/.
Integrating the chemistry collections, services and staff into Perkins is an important step toward creating an interdisciplinary library that incorporates science, humanities, and social science materials.
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Posted 18 August 2006

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