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Electronic Backfiles of More than 3,000 Journals Purchased by the Duke Libraries

Since December 2006 the Duke University Libraries have used Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) funding from the University to acquire extensive electronic backfiles of more than 3000 academic journals.

Most of the 3,000+ e-journal titles were acquired through purchase of the interdisciplinary Periodicals Archive Online (PAO) and of science and social science packages offered by several major journal publishers.  The library also purchased electronic backfiles for a few individual journal titles, such as Nature and the Journal of Fluid Mechanics, and for the journals of the Royal Chemistry Society, the National Research Council of Canada, and the Institute of Physics.  In addition, it completed its backfiles of the Institute of Scientific Information's Web of Science.  Other purchases included the Twentieth Century Parliamentary Papers and the historical backfiles of the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

These backfiles can be accessed by title through the library catalog and through the e-journal link on the library Web site.  They are also listed in a spreadsheet that provides information about the extent of the electronic backfiles. For many, but not all, of the titles, more recent issues are also available electronically, as indicated by the library catalog and Web site.  Some duplication of titles occurs in the spreadsheet because of the merger of the lists associated with the various publisher packages.  The spreadsheet also includes a very general listing by subject, based on the package categories designated by the publishers.  Many titles could have been listed in more than one category; there are chemistry titles, for example, both under Chemistry and under Engineering & Technology.

The Libraries will purchase additional electronic backfiles over the next few years as funds are available.

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Posted 6 March 2007

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