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Heads Up! The Books at Perkins and Bostock Are Moving

 All books with Library of Congress call numbers A-G have been moved to the compact shelving on Perkins Lower Floor 2.  This stack area is open to the public.  The floor map at http://library.duke.edu/services/locate/perkins/floorll2.html has been updated to display the call number ranges shelved on Lower Floor 2.  More current location information can be obtained from the staff at the public serivce desks on the first floors of Perkins and Bostock.

Books with Library of Congress classifications H-PR are now shelved on Perkins 3 and 4.  Classifications PS-Z are on the 4th floor of Bostock.  Movers will begin compressing these books to the rear of the 4th floor of Bostock beginning 25 June to make room for classifications P-PR, which will be moved from the 4th floor of Perkins. 

We appreciate your patience during this historic reclassification and move of the Perkins and Bostock collections, which will continue through the end of July.  Please contact staff at the public service desks on the first floors of Perkins and Bostock if you have any questions. 

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Posted 8 June 2007

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