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Americans in the Land of Lenin: Documentary Photographs of Early Soviet Russia: http://library.duke.edu/digitalcollections/esr/
750 photographs of every-day life in the Soviet Union (1919-1921 and 1930) from the papers of Robert L. Eichelberger and Frank Whitson Fetter.  The image on the homepage of the Cossacks is from this collection. 

American Song Sheets:  http://library.duke.edu/digitalcollections/songsheets/
Approximately 1,800 broadsides and song sheets from nineteenth-century America.

Michael Francis Blake Photographs: http://library.duke.edu/digitalcollections/blake/
117 photographs of men, women, and children taken between 1912-1934 in one of the first African American photography studios in Charleston, S.C.

Vica Nazi Propaganda Comics: http://library.duke.edu/digitalcollections/vica/
Three issues of the comic book series Vica by Vincent Krassousky produced in France during World War II.

William Emerson Strong Photograph Album: http://library.duke.edu/digitalcollections/strong/
Portraits of 200 military officers and "notorious characters" of the Confederacy.

More information about these collections and other new system features can be found on the Duke Digital Collections Blog: http://library.duke.edu/blogs/digital-collections/

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Posted 18 November 2008

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