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Additional Electronic Journal Backfiles Available at the Duke Libraries

In fiscal year 2006/2007 the Duke University Libraries used Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) funding from the University to acquire extensive electronic backfiles of more than 3000 academic journals.  The Libraries have recently used SIP funding to acquire additional electronic resources, both journal backfiles and retrospective collections.

The Libraries has purchased the new collection of 75 interdisciplinary journals added to Periodicals Archive Online (PAO).  Other backfiles acquired recently are those from the American Institute of Physics; the National Research Council of Canada; Locus,online access to the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics’ Online Journal Archive (SIAM); the Turpion Journal Archive,which consists of backfiles of English translations of key Russian-language journals in mathematics, physics, and chemistry; and three additional Nature backfiles:  Nature Protocols, Nature Methods, and Nature Nanotechnology.  The journal backfiles can be searched by title through the Libraries catalog and through the e-journal link on the Libraries website.

Three major retrospective collections acquired are Referex,which contains major reference titles for engineers; Historical Annual Reports,which includes reports beginning in the mid-1800’s to date from 800 key U.S. corporations; and Literature Criticism Online.  
The Libraries will purchase additional electronic backfiles over the next few years as funds are available.

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Posted 27 February 2008

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