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Rights, Camera, Action!

Screen/Society presents Rights, Camera, Action!, a human rights film series

Tuesday, 3 November, 7-10pm, Perkins Library, Biddle Rare Book Room
No Umbrella: Witness Fannie Lewis in action on November 2, 2004, as she struggles to manage a polling station in a predominantly African American precinct in Cleveland. Facing record numbers at the polls, Ms. Lewis spends her day on a cell phone begging for the machines and the technical support needed to handle the throngs of voters. No Umbrella is a sobering reminder of the inadequacies of the United States' electoral process.

Please Vote for Me: Is democracy a universal value that suits human nature? Do elections inevitably lead to manipulation? Please Vote for Me is a portrait of a society and a town as seen through a school, its children and its families. A third grade class holds an election to select a class monitor and eight-year-olds compete against each other for the coveted position, egged on by teachers and doting parents.  Co-sponsored by the Franklin Humanities Institute, Duke Human Rights Center, the Special Collections Library and Program in Arts of the Moving Image (AMI)

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Posted 29 October 2009

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