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The Winning Student Book Collections

In alternate years, the Friends of the Duke University Libraries and the Gothic Bookshop co-sponsor a student book collectors contest, which is open to undergraduates and graduate and professional students.

The Jeremy North Book Collectors Contest, named for the first manager of the Gothic Bookshop, recognizes the efforts of student book collectors with prizes for first and second place in the undergraduate and graduate categories in the form of gift certificates to the Gothic Bookshop.

The 2009 winners are:
Tyler Huffman-first place
 Mathematics and Arabic
Tyler's collection focuses on Islam and the Middle East, spanning a wide range of topics from religious writings to travel accounts.  His collection reflects his interest in the way Islam is portrayed and how those portrayals vary depending on the authors and context of the work.  Books Tyler has collected illustrate how different writers reconcile their views and ideas concerning the east and west and how they address the challenge of maintaining cultural and religious traditions in the modern world.

Jessi Lalomia - second place
Before Lassie, There Was Lad:  A Collection of Books by Albert Payson Terhun
Jessi grew up spending time with her grandparents who bred and showed rough collies at "Keltwood Kennels.  She became fascinated by dog shows and loved traveling to them with her grandparents.  Given as a gift from her grandfather, Lad:  A Dog, started her collection, which has grown over the years.   

Cynthia Greenlee-Donnell - first place
African Voices
Cynthia's collection consists of about 150 books assembled as she investigated Africa's literary heritage.  Her collection focuses on the issue of postcolonial gender norms and reflects her interest in drawing attention to national literatures that are not so well-recognized outside Africa. 

Joel Schloesser - second place
An American Pléiade
Joel was inspired to begin his collection after spending a hot summer in the south of France.  In the heat of the afternoon, he would head for Aix-en-Provence's cool and spacious library where he discovered the beautiful Pléiade, the leatherbound collection of French literature and history published by Gallimard.  When Joel returned to the States, he found that we have our own Pléiade - The Library of America.  He collects works in the series by his favorite authors.

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Posted 30 April 2009

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