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Open Access Week
October 19-23, 2009

October 19-23 will mark the first international Open Access Week, an opportunity to broaden awareness and understanding of Open Access to research, including access policies from all types of research funders, within the international higher education community and the general public.  The now-annual event has been expanded this year from a single day to accommodate widespread global interest in the movement toward open, public access to scholarly research results.

Duke is celebrating Open Access (OA) Week with the following events:

Wednesday, Oct. 21, 3-5 pm
RCR Course: Open Access Issues in Higher Education
Speaker:  Kevin L. Smith, JD, Duke Scholarly Communications Officer
Note: Open to ALL PhD students. While Graduate students have priority, others may attend as space allows.
As creators of new scholarly works, PhD students are in a unique position to influence the market for such works in ways that will benefit scholars and the academy as a whole.  This workshop will discuss scholars as copyright holders, the management of rights for the greatest advantage, and the benefits and pitfalls of various “flavors” of open access.
Location:  Perkins Library, Room 217

Friday, Oct. 23, 1-3 pm
Parents’ and Family Weekend: Global Access and Local Action - Health Information and Open Access
Speakers:  Anthony So, MD; Sam Swartz; and Megan von Isenburg
Location:  Perkins Library, Room 217
In an era of globalization, connectivity and access to information concerning health care and health systems remain uneven across the world.  Duke students and faculty from Trinity College and the Duke Global Health Institute will discuss their experiences with information access in health projects around the world, as well as their interactions with health consumers and professionals in other countries.

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Posted 16 October 2009

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