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Duke Artists: Express Yourselves!

Visitors to Perkins-Bostock Library through commencement weekend will notice a unique display among the bookshelves. The Duke University Union's Visual Arts Committee is working with Exhibits Coordinator Meg Brown on a series of exhibitions of student artwork. The first exhibit in the "Your Expression" series features work by students Nina Wu, Linda Yi, Stanislas Colodiet, and Bibi Tran.

Visual Arts Director Bibi Tran writes about the importance of featuring students' work in "unlikely" spaces:

"The library is a place of gathering, it is where Duke's diverse yet segregated student body comes together to do the one thing we are all here to do: study. The first "Your Expression" exhibit is incredibly open. It strives to share the multifarious talent of student artists on campus: therefore, you can be a photographer, a painter, a drawer, a writer. As long as your work can be mounted on an easel, it should be shared with others, and deserves to be understood by others. Expression is the root of mutual human understanding, and art is one of its strongest vehicles. My hope is that if more public spaces of common gathering can be speckled with more blessed creations, something will ignite in the rest of us: seeing."

If color and creativity can help to promote more effective studying, we're definitely on board!

At right: Midnight Possibilities by Linda Yi, acrylic

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Posted 11 May 2010

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