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Student Project Invites You to Take a Break and Play
The next time you're in Perkins Library, you might notice a playful blanket of Keva Planks (building blocks) near the new books display. The installation is the Visual Studies capstone project of Duke senior and biology major Anamika Goyal. Titled "The Rediscovery of Wonder," the project aims to get students to "rediscover a sense of wonder that is essential for true learning and creativity."

Here's what Goyal has to say about her project:

"By using things from our childhoods such as building blocks and instant cameras, I hope to encourage Duke students to take a break from the demands of the university and the work-force, and to once again do something that many of us may not have done since childhood: play. I believe that doing so will help students bring that sense of wonder, that is sometimes only seen in children, to situations and experiences in our adulthoods. I hope to use still photography to document this ‘rediscovery of wonder.’"

Her project was sponsored by the North Carolina Consortium for South Asian Studies, the Kenan Institute for Ethics, and KEVA Planks. For more information, check out Goyal's website about the project.

Feel free to build something of your own--it's not just for students! Polaroid cameras are available for taking pictures of your creations at the library checkout desk. The blocks will be there until April 8.
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Posted 30 March 2011

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