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Library Consortium Relocates to Duke

The Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL), the largest regional research library consortium in the U.S., recently relocated its offices to Duke University, where it will be based in Bostock Library on Duke's West Campus. The organization was previously headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

ASERL has more than three dozen member libraries, including Duke. For more than 50 years, the association has brought together leaders from research and state libraries in the southeast to foster inter-institutional resource sharing and collaboration. ASERL also sponsors educational opportunities for librarians and information professionals and provides expanded information and research capability for governmental agencies. Much of ASERL's current programming involves management of legacy print collections. The organization also offers an online portal to rare Civil War era materials held by libraries across the South, services to facilitate the rapid delivery of interlibrary loan materials, and other programs.

According to John Burger, ASERL's executive director, partnering with Duke as its host organization will provide ASERL staff with ongoing, day-to-day contact with the people and issues research libraries encounter.  "I'm looking forward to working more closely with our partners at Duke, TRLN, and research libraries throughout the region," commented Burger. "Being on campus on a daily basis will illuminate issues that I've been encountering from an arm's length—that's an exciting prospect for me."

"ASERL continues to grow and provide tremendous benefits to its member libraries," commented Sarah Michalak, ASERL Board President and University Librarian at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. "We believe moving ASERL's staff inside a research library will greatly enhance our ability to provide pragmatic, innovative programming for the future."

For more about ASERL, visit their website, or contact the association at their new address: 

Association of Southeastern Research Libraries
Box 90182
411 Chapel Drive / 226A Bostock Library
Durham, NC  27708
Phone: 919-681-2531

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Posted 14 July 2011

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