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New Exhibit: The Life of Memorials

Library Exhibit Explores What It Means to Memorialize
Construction of Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC, circa 1917
RBMSCL International Postcard Collection, 1900-1982

This September will mark the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. As we collectively and personally remember that day, a new exhibit in Perkins Library explores what it means to memorialize. From the large-scale memorial and skyscraper currently under construction at Ground Zero to more private tributes, there are many ways of remembering, whether national or personal, official or unofficial. The Life of Memorials examines the process of memorializing and the social contexts that surround remembering. 

What is memorialized? Why is a particular public memorial design chosen over another? What do memorials tell us about the people who make them and the times in which they were made?

The Life of Memorials is a project of Team Kenan, an initiative of the Kenan Institute for Ethics that seeks to bring attention to ethical issues in and around the Duke community through student-organized programming. 

The Life of Memorials will be on display in the Perkins Gallerty through October 16. For more information, visit the Life of Memorials exhibit website.

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Posted 21 July 2011

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