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Music Library Reopens After Renovations

New study carrels!

Duke University's Music Library, located in the Biddle Music Building on East Campus, has reopened after being closed for renovations throughout the summer.

Visitors to the library will notice dramatic improvements in the look and feel of the space, as well as greater accessibility of library materials. An interior staircase now links the upper and lower levels, giving the library a single entrance and exit, with a single service point for checking out materials and reference help. 

Recordings and A/V equipment, formerly housed downstairs, have now been relocated upstairs, while many print materials have been moved downstairs into compact shelving. This allows more of the library's collections to be housed on-site. (Previously, a significant portion of music materials were housed off-campus at the Library Service Center due to space constraints and were only available by request.) That means more music at our users' fingertips, without having to wait.

Upstairs, much of the old shelving has been removed, opening up space for quiet study and increasing the amount of natural light throughout the library. New seating and tables have also been installed. Finally, a new seminar room has been added to the library, which can double as a quiet study space. 

We appreciate the patience of library patrons while these much-needed improvements were being made. Please stop by the newly renovated space and see the improvements for yourself! 

The Music Library will host an official re-opening celebration on Friday, September 23. Tours of the new space will be offered throughout the day, followed by a party in conjunction with the Music Department from 4-6 p.m. All are invited. More details will follow soon. 

You also can see photos of the renovation process on the Music Library's Facebook page.

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Posted 30 August 2011

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