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The Jeremy North Friends of the Libraries Student Book Collectors Contest

Guidelines and Judging Criteria

The contest is open to all students regularly enrolled at Duke University.  Deadline for submissions is 5:00pm on 27 February 2009.  Submissions should be delivered to 103 Perkins Library, the Dalton-Brand Research Room.

Submissions should include:

• A one-page statement describing how and why the collection as a whole was assembled
• A bibliography of the entire collection, each title numbered and briefly annotated.  The annotations should reflect the importance of each item to the collection as a whole
• Application information (see below)

A previous winner may enter again if a different collection is submitted, but only one collection may be submitted each year.

Books must be owned by one student and must have been collected by the student.

Each collection will be judged for the extent to which its books represent a well-defined field of interest.

The collection does not need to consist of rare books.  The substance of the collection will be of prime importance in the judging; however, consideration may also be given to the excellence of design and production of the works.  Paperbacks may be included.

The entry may contain up to not more than 50 items, of which up to 10 per cent may be non-book items which support the collection.

The committee will keep a copy of each contestant’s bibliography.

After preliminary judging of the bibliographies and statements, applicants will be notified by letter, email or telephone, and finalists will be asked to bring their collection to a final judging and to participate in an interview with the contest judges.

Interview Judging Criteria:
• Motivation for collection
• Knowledge of subject/focus
• Direction of expansion
• Depth of collection
• Breadth of collection
• Cross-curricular content
• Passion & enthusiasm
• Presentation materials
• Presentation skills

 Contest Awards

Undergraduate First Prize, a $500 gift certificate to the Gothic Bookshop;  Second Prize, a $250 gift certificate
Graduate/Professional First Prize, a $700 gift certificate to the Gothic Bookshop; Second Prize, a $500 gift certificate

Winners will be announced before the end of the spring semester.



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Title of Collection:

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If so, what was the title of your entry and when did you enter?

Where did you hear about the contest?

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