Guide to the James H. Pou Bailey Papers, 1901-1970

Collection Overview

The James H. Pou Bailey Papers span the years 1901 to 1970 with the bulk of the papers dating from 1948 to 1965. The Law Practices: Clients Series (CLOSED), which contains papers relating to specific clients in his law practice, comprises the bulk of the collection. The papers also document Bailey's political interests and pursuit of political office, financial and legal matters pertaining to himself and family members, and his involvement in civic organizations. These concerns are documented by the Correspondence, Subject Files, Legal and Financial Papers, and Writings and Speeches Series. While the collection contains a few speeches to various organizations and civic groups, there are not as many as one might expect from a person who ran for the North Carolina State Senate three times and held the office for two terms (four years). Also, there are not many papers relating to his tenure as Judge of Superior Court from the 10th Judicial District.

The business and financial climate in North Carolina during the late 1940s to the early 1960s may be studied through the Law Practices: Clients (CLOSED) and Subject Files Series. Early efforts to promote cable television in North Carolina (1963-1964) through the Engineering Sales Corporation of Raleigh, N.C. and to encourage the use of natural gas in North Carolina (1955-1959) through the efforts of consulting engineers, Porter, Barry, & Associates of Baton Rouge, La. are delineated in this series. Both firms were legal clients of Bailey.

Of particular note are several political figures represented in the Correspondence Series, including North Carolina Senator Willis Smith and Virginia Senator Harry F. Byrd. The business, professional, and personal relationship of Bailey with United States Senator from North Carolina, Jesse Helms, is reflected in the Correspondence and Law Practices: Clients Series (CLOSED). The papers particularly concern Helms's position as administrative assistant to Senator Willis Smith and the offices Helms held in the North Carolina Bankers Association (NCBA), a Bailey client. Information about policies and laws affecting banks in North Carolina are also represented in the Law Practices: Clients Series (CLOSED). The Subject Files Series contains Bailey's Senatorial Papers (1950-1954). Included is constituent mail, information pertaining to political appointments, and his service on various committees, including his chairmanship of the Interstate and Federal Relations and Judiciary Committees.

The Subject Files and Legal and Financial Papers Series disclose some of the financial interests held by Bailey and his family. Most notable are their interest in the Andrew Johnson Hotel in Raleigh, N.C. and Bailey's interest in a 360 acre farm in Johnston County, N.C. Included is information relating to the management of both enterprises. The collection also highlights father-son relationships in the correspondence between Josiah W. Bailey and James H. Pou Bailey and between James H. Pou Bailey and his son, Jim. (Correspondence Series).

The Josiah W. Bailey (Bailey's father) Papers is a related collection in the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library.

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James H. Pou Bailey papers 1901-1970
Bailey, James Hinton Pou, 1917-
14.6 linear feet, 8,640 items
Duke University. David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library Durham, North Carolina 27708-0185
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Contents of the Collection

Arranged primarily in chronological order, with the exception that the correspondence of Bailey's father, Senator Josiah W. Bailey, is in a separate file.

Includes personal, business, and political correspondence. There is some overlap between correspondence in this series and that located in the Subject Files: Politics Series.

(7 folders)
Box 1
(6 folders)
Box 2
1955-1959, Aug.
(6 folders)
Box 3
(7 folders)
Box 4
1964-1967, undated
(6 folders)
Box 5
Bailey, Josiah W., 1926-1943
(6 folders)
Box 6
Bailey, Josiah W., 1944-1946
(7 folders)
Box 7

Primarily correspondence, legal and financial papers, clippings, and handwritten notes pertaining to law clients of Bailey. The series is divided into two sections: business and domestic relations cases. Incorporated companies comprise the bulk of the business clients, while the domestic relations cases primarily consist of divorce and child custody suits.

Each section is arranged in alphabetical order by name of client. However, because of the amount of material for some business clients, the papers for some are further subdivided.

This series is CLOSED.

B-E, 1948-1966 and undated
Box 8
E-K, 1952-1964 and undated
Box 9
K-N, 1948-1961 and undated
Box 10
N, 1955-1959
Box 11
N, 1959-1963
Box 12
N, 1951-1966 and undated
Box 13
N, 1951-1965 and undated
Box 14
N, 1951-1965 and undated
Box 15
N-P, 1887-1962 and undated
Box 16
P, 1947-1960 and undated
Box 17
P, 1956-1957
Box 18
P-W and Miscellaneous, 1922-1966 and undated
Box 19
A-H, 1947-1961 and undated
Box 20
H-N, 1951-1966 and undated
Box 21
N-W and Miscellaneous, 1946-1964
Box 22

Subject Files Series, 1947-1970.

(2,880 items; 4.8 linear ft.)

Correspondence, legal and financial papers, press releases, and newsclippings relating to civic, political, and professional organizations. Also includes papers concerning political campaigns, Bailey's career, and some of his financial interests.

Arranged alphabetically by name of organization or topic. Large files are divided into subgroups.

Correspondence, 1947-1964
(5 folders)
Box 23
Legal Papers, 1945-1964, undated
(2 folders)
Box 24
Financial Papers, 1948-1961
(3 folders)
Box 24
1962-1965, undated
Box 25
Monthly statements, 1950-1959
(4 folders)
Box 25
Monthly statements, 1960-1962
Box 26
Insurance and Inspection Records, 1951-1964, undated
(2 folders)
Box 26
Consultants' Reports, 1957-1961, undated
Box 26
Plans, Specifications, etc., undated
Box 26
Hoover Commission, 1949-1950
Box 27
Institute of Religion, 1956
Box 27
Johnston Co. Farm, 1946-1959
(4 folders)
Box 27
Johnston Co. Farm, 1960-1962, undated
Box 28
Correspondence, 1965, July-1966
(2 folders)
Box 28
Miscellaneous, 1965-1970
Box 28
Legislative Matters: Micellaneous, 1949-1963, undated
Box 28
American Red Cross, 1950
Box 28
Capital City Club, Inc., 1961-1964, undated
Box 28
Chamber of Commerce, 1947-1963, undated
(2 folders)
Box 29
Civil Defense, 1952-1953, undated
Box 29
General Statutes Commission, 1953-1959, undated
Box 29
Kiwanis Club, 1963-1964, undated
Box 29
N.C. Amvets, 1946-1953, undated
Box 29
N.C. Boy Scouts, 1946-1962, undated
Box 29
Raleigh Ports Authority, 1957
Box 29
Terpsichorean Club, 1949, undated
Box 30
Wake County Bar Association--Legal Aid Committee, 1947-1965, undated
Box 30
Young Democrats Club, 1946-1953
Box 30
Miscellaneous, 1948-1963
Box 30
Outer Banks Project, 1952
Box 30
J.H.P. Bailey, 1948-1952, undated
(4 folders)
Box 30
Mallard-Morris, 1968, undated
Box 30
Dan K. Moore, 1964, undated
Box 31
George Wallace for President, 1964, undated
Box 31
Miscellaneous, 1951-1964
Box 31
Proposed Candidacy for U. S. Congress (J.H.P. Bailey vs. Harold Cooley), 1956, undated
Box 31
Correspondence, 1950, Oct.-1951, July
(3 folders)
Box 31
Correspondence, 1951-1954, undated
(3 folders)
Box 32
Appointments, 1952-1953
Box 32
Auto Inspection Bill-- Inaugural Committee
Box 32
Interstate and Federal regulations, 1953-1954, undated
(3 folders)
Box 33
Judiciary Committee, 1953
Box 33
Libraries-- Minimum Wage, 1953
Box 33
N.C. State Taxes, 1952-1953
Box 33
Raleigh, N.C., 1951-1953
Box 33
State employees-- Sunday auto racing, 1951-1953
Box 33
United States Forces for Education, 1953
Box 34
Miscellaneous, 1950-1964
(2 folders)
Box 34
Race Relations, 1951-1958, undated
Box 34
Raleigh, N.C., 1946-1960, undated
Box 34
U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District, N.C.--proposed appt. of James H. Pou Bailey, 1961
Box 34
Woodberry Forest School, 1941-1964, undated
Box 34

Correspondence, leases, wills, deeds, receipts, and other financial papers primarily pertaining to the settlement of estates of Bailey relatives, both maternal (Pou) and paternal, (Bailey) family members.

Files are arranged by name of family member or family.

Bailey Family, 1947-1952
Box 35
Box 35
Raleigh Union Bus Station Trust, 1960-1961
Box 35
Bailey, Josiah W., 1929-1952
Box 35
Pou Family, 1901-1966, undated
(2 folders)
Box 35
Pou, Martha (Mattie), 1939-1949
Box 36

Chiefly typewritten copies of the column, "Raleigh Roundup," which appeared in 36 small town newspapers throughout North Carolina with Bailey's picture and name. Includes reader correspondence relating to the column. Also contains a few speeches Bailey made before various groups.

Subdivided into two subgroups: speeches he made before organizations and the rest relating to the "Raleigh Roundup" column.

1948-1960, undated
Raleigh Round-Up, 1950-1952, undated
(4 folders)

Certificates, clippings, and photographs primarily relating to Bailey.

Photographs are undated and are arranged at the end of the other miscellaneous items.

1941-1969, undated
Box 37
Photographs, undated
Box 37
Scrapbook, undated
Box 37
Law Practices: Clients and Subject Files series (CLOSED)
Oversize Sec. A OV13
Law Cases: Clients and Subject Files series (CLOSED)
Oversize Folder 2

Historical Note

1917, Aug. 14Born, Baltimore, MD
1940B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1941L.L.B., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and admitted to the bar
1941-1942Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation
1942-1945Served in the United States Army, attaining the rank of Captain
1944-1945Served in the European theater of World War II
1945, Aug. 1Married Marie Fiquet Pate
1946Entered law practice of Bailey & Bailey in Raleigh, N.C., with his father, Josiah W. Bailey
1947Father died and Bailey began to practice law alone
1948Unsuccessful candidate for North Carolina State Senate
1950Elected to North Carolina Senate, 13th Senatorial District, Wake County
1952Reelected to the North Carolina Senate from the 13th Senatorial District, Wake County
1953-1965Served as general counsel to the North Carolina Bankers' Association
1954-1962Entered law practice of Bailey & Bason in Raleigh, N.C.
1962-1965Entered law practice of Bailey & Ragsdale in Raleigh, N.C.
1965, July 9Appointed Judge of the Superior Court, 10th Judicial District of North Carolina
1966Elected to unexpired term as judge
1968Marie F. P. Bailey died
1972, June 3Married Ann Thomas
1972Elected to full term as judge
1985, JulyRetired from the bench.

Bailey held leadership positions in a variety of civic and professional organizations, among them the American Red Cross, the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, the Raleigh Traffic Safety Council, the North Carolina Amvets, the North Carolina Boy Scouts, and the Wake County Bar Association.

As a state senator, Bailey served as chair of the Interstate Federal Relations and Judiciary committees. Bailey has two sons, James H. Pou Bailey II and Edwin Pate Bailey.

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The bulk of the James H. Pou Bailey Papers was given to Duke University in 1983 by Bailey. In 1977, one item was purchased for the collection. Copyright interests in these papers have not been transferred to the University.

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