Guide to the Morris and Dorothy Margolin film collection, 1947-1982 and undated


Born on July 28, 1908 in Brooklyn, New York, Morris Margolin spent most of his life in the New York metropolitan area, where he worked as an accounting teacher before starting his own accounting firm. In 1936, Morris married Dorothy Safran. The Margolins were avid travelers and Morris captured many of their overseas trips in motion picture films and slides, sharing them with friends and family as well as members of the Metropolitan Film Club and B'nai B'rith.

The Morris and Dorothy Margolin film collection dates from 1947 to 1982 and includes twenty-five 16mm and seven Super 8 motion picture films created by Morris Margolin, chiefly documenting Morris and Dorothy's international travels. The films include footage from Pakistan, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, and Kenya -- rare destinations for Western travelers in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. Highlights include an abundance of images of the Soviet Union and Israel, and images of Capetown documenting the apartheid years. All of the films are color, and a few include sound elements such as narration, music, or even sound effects. The collection also includes a handful of home movies that document family trips and events such as graduations and birthdays, and one film that appears to be a professionally produced documentary about the Soviet Union. The films are complemented by over 4,000 color slides of still images taken during their travels. The collection, arranged chronologically, also includes Digital Betacam preservation tapes, DVD masters and DVD use copies.

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David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University
Margolin, Morris, 1908-1990.
Morris and Dorothy Margolin film collection 1947-1982 and undated
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Collection Overview

The Morris and Dorothy Margolin Film Collection includes 32 films that capture the Margolins' travels between 1947 and 1976. Destinations represented in the collection include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, England, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jamaica, Kenya, Majorca, Monaco, Morocco, Norway, Pakistan, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Scotland, South Africa, the Soviet Union, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, and Yugoslavia. The films are complemented by over 2,000 color slides of still images taken in most of these same countries (1959-1982). Of particular interest are the slides from travel in the former USSR and Israel. Also included is a handful of home movies that document family trips and events such as graduations and birthdays, and one film that appears to be a professionally produced documentary about the Soviet Union acquired by the Margolins during their travels.

Particularly notable is the adventurous nature of many of the countries visited, such as the Soviet Union, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, and Kenya -- rare destinations for Western travelers in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. The films are also noteworthy because Morris regularly trained his camera on his surroundings, recording everyday life as well as architectural and geographical features of the countries he visited. His wife Dorothy also makes frequent appearances in the films.

Acquired as part of the Archive of Documentary Arts at Duke University.

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Contents of the Collection

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Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(400 ft.)
Box 4
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: est. 11:06)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: est. 11:06)
Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(350 ft.)
Box 4
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: est. 9:43)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: est. 9:43)

Includes narration and music.

  • title card: "Characters? - And How - Dorothy Frances Sam"
  • map of Europe with title "Vagabonds 1953"
  • deck of ocean liner
  • interiors of ship
  • ship's crew working
  • life preserver labeled: "Ile de France / Le Havre"
  • man smoking cigar; interiors of ship
  • views of the ocean
  • deck of the ocean liner, Dorothy walks toward camera, poses, waves
  • interior of the ship, Dorothy walks toward camera
  • interior of the ship, Morris and Dorothy walk toward camera
  • three men (friends of the Margolins?) on deck of the ship
  • Dorothy and friend relax in lounge chairs on ship deck
  • Dorothy looks out at the ocean, walks to group and socializes on ship deck
  • Dorothy, friend and Morris walk down stairs to deck and toward the camera
  • Morris and Dorothy walk around on ship deck, up a set of stairs
  • Morris poses near railing, ocean behind him; smokes a cigarette
  • Morris walks around on deck with a friend, talking
  • Dorothy and others on lounge chairs
  • Dorothy poses near railing, walks around on deck
  • street scenes in Paris, includes shots of Dorothy walking around
  • sign: "Grand Marnier / La Maison du Café"
  • street scenes in Paris
  • Dorothy and friends turn around and wave at camera
  • building: Louvre; Dorothy and friends nearby
  • Arc de Triomphe and environs
  • man (Sam Rosenberg?) walks toward camera, wiping his face, camera in hand
  • woman (Frances?) walks across the frame
  • "former Russian countess" tour guide in horse-drawn carriage
  • scooter travels down narrow Parisian? street
  • Morris and Dorothy walk into the frame, cross street
  • Dorothy on roadside in rural Switzerland
  • Alps, Dorothy waves from below, fellow travelers nearby
  • mountain peaks, Rhone Glacier
  • scenic shots of the Alps, some with Dorothy
  • Dorothy and others stand near "former Hotel Grand Majestic Mattenhoffer"
  • street scenes of Interlaken, Switzerland
  • group climbs into car
  • snowcapped Jungfrau
  • street scenes of Innsbruck, Austria
  • Innsbruck railroad station
  • bombed out building near Innsbruck railroad station, Dorothy nearby
  • couple walks by wearing traditional Austrian clothing
  • jeep, American GIs?
  • more bombed out buildings
  • Dorothy walks toward camera, Tirol/Tyrol? Hotel in background
  • Dorothy and Frances? in horse-drawn carriage
  • exteriors of Palace of Franz Joseph
  • bombed out buildings, underexposed and dark
  • scenery, and horse, as shot from horse-drawn carriage
  • Dorothy at mountainside restaurant, aerial view of Innsbruck
  • visit to Vatican, includes Vatican Museum, Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Peter's Square
  • Mussolini's balcony
  • Monument to King Victor Emmanuel and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Rome
  • Dorothy outside castle in Bruges, Belgium
  • Manneken Pis in Brussels, Belgium
  • lacemaker tatting near store: Real Belgian Lace
  • Manneken Pis
  • city square in Belgium
  • Dorothy asks police men for directions
  • flowers market on the square
  • life preserver
  • return trip on Steamship Independence
  • close up: New York
  • Dorothy and others relaxing on the ship deck
  • narration snippet: "Enjoy yourself, honey. Just a couple of more days to go. You can still be a lady. And then back to scrubbing floors, scrubbing ears, and sending the kids off to school. Won't be long now, honey. Your holiday is over."
  • empty lounge chairs on deck
  • shots of the coastline of the Azores, Dorothy on deck
  • Dorothy walks to ship deck with binoculars, looks at Azores
  • more scenic shots of the Azores
  • Dorothy, friends and others lounge on ship deck
  • kids splash around in deck pool
  • aerial shot of deck pool
  • woman in bikini and high heels plays with a dog
  • ship arrives in New York, passes Statue of Liberty in distance
  • Dorothy poses with New York City skyline in the background
  • Morris ends narration with: "The bar is now open. You may continue drinking."

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Reversal original, 16mm, so., co., reel 1 of 1
(700 ft.)
Box 1
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: est. 19:26)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: est. 19:26)

Includes narration and music.

  • Israeli flag flying on top of a tower
  • plane parked on tarmac in "the new state of Israel"
  • sign: "Nazareth Souvenir Shop"
  • street scenes, architecture
  • sign: "Synagogue"
  • children playing in the streets
  • people ride donkeys through town
  • town watering hole
  • children ham it up for the camera
  • "typical Arab home"
  • locals pass by on mules
  • goats grazing in field
  • Sea of Galilee / Lake Tiberias and surrounding landscape
  • kibbutz
  • village
  • street scenes in Safed
  • Israeli soldiers
  • catacombs
  • Israel soldiers running along road
  • sign in Hebrew
  • Mount Herzl
  • grave of Theodor Herzl
  • Jerusalem from a distance
  • children approach driver's side of car, as captured from passenger seat
  • landscapes
  • sign: "Haifa-Tel Aviv Road"
  • scenes of Israeli soldiers, including women
  • Israeli children playing, doing hand stands
  • man on donkey in middle of the road
  • in-transit camps, settlements for European refugees
  • fortress in upper Galilee
  • countryside, Hula Swamp area
  • Morris and friend? inside fortress
  • travel along newly constructed highways, captured from inside the car
  • sign: "Danger-Frontier Ahead-No Passage (multiple languages)"
  • cattle walk along the road
  • sign: "Upper Galilee Regional Council"
  • scenes at a kibbutz
  • ruins of Arab city
  • scenes of the Negev desert and Bedouin settlements
  • Morris on a camel ride
  • more scenes of the Negev desert and Bedouin settlements
  • Morris stands next to tri-directional sign
  • Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel
  • landscapes, including olive trees
  • people along roadside, captured from inside the car
  • Morris stands next to tri-directional sign, ruins of Arab village in the background
  • entering Jerusalem by car
  • exteriors of King David Hotel
  • path to Mt. Zion
  • sign: "B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation at the Hebrew University"
  • grounds of Hebrew University
  • airplane on tarmac
  • roulette wheel, stacks of coins
  • title card: "Why 50 Million Frenchies Can't Be Wrong"
  • Carlton Hotel in Cannes, France
  • beach scenes
  • Morris poses with woman on the beach
  • friends? of Morris interact with the same woman
  • swimming pool overlooking the Mediterranean
  • life preserver: Eden Roc / Cap of Antibes
  • Dorothy sitting on Eden Roc
  • person dives into Mediterranean
  • Dorothy and Frances rinse off
  • swimmer climbs up hanging ladder from water
  • fireworks

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Reversal original, 16mm, so., co., reel 1 of 1
(500 ft.)
Box 1
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: est. 13:53)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: est. 13:53)

Use Copies: DVD use copy available soon.

Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(175 ft.)
Box 4
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: est. 4:51)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: est. 4:51)

Includes narration and music.

  • blending of people waving from a pier and the Liberté docked in the harbor
  • Liberté: Ocean Liner from New York City to London. On June 29, 1955
  • ocean liner Liberté seen from port
  • crowds and Margolin family seeing them off at pier. people on deck of Liberté
  • view of New York City skyline, Statue of Liberty, and other boats taken from ship
  • fire safety drill
  • deck tennis
  • crew working on ship
  • transfer from Liberté to smaller boat to go to Plymouth, England
  • London
  • Grovener House hotel
  • street scenes
  • men in kilts
  • shops
  • traffic
  • double decker bus
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • theatre district
  • 10 Downing Street
  • school children
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Big Ben (in scaffolding)
  • River Thames
  • Scotland Yard
  • St. Paul's Cathedral
  • bombed out rubble from World War II
  • New Bond Street
  • Tower of London
  • Buckingham Palace
  • changing of the guard
  • Princess Anne looking out of Buckingham Palace window
  • small town outside of London
  • street scenes
  • outdoor market
  • Oxford
  • street scenes
  • colleges
  • High Street
  • students
  • Broad Street
  • bicycles
  • Stratford-Upon-Avon
  • Ann Hathaway Cottage
  • street scenes
  • Warwick Castle
  • punting
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • street scenes
  • Princess Street
  • Scottish dancing performance
  • Loch Katrine
  • Loch Loman
  • unidentified Scottish town
  • street scenes
  • sign: "England & Norway"

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Reversal original, 16mm, so., co., reel 1 of 1
(1275 ft.)
Box 1
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: est. 35:25)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: est. 35:25)
  • title card: "Our Trip to Europe"
  • sign? England & Norway
  • ocean liner in harbor: LEDA
  • close-up on ramp to boat: Bergen Line
  • luggage loaded onto boat
  • group stands on ship, some wave
  • Dorothy waves from top of ramp
  • sign: "1st Class"
  • boat deck shot from dock
  • ship flying the Norwegian flag
  • Dorothy climbs steps onto deck
  • cars loaded onto boat
  • Dorothy on boat deck, looking through binoculars
  • sign on building: "Bergen Line - Quickest Route - Shortest Sea Passage - England & Norway"
  • ship sets sail, view of harbor, other boats, the boat's own deck and passengers, including Dorothy
  • scenery as seen from the boat
  • preparations for boat docking?
  • lush scenery
  • Rutevogn with license plate R-1295
  • Dorothy and friends inside Rutevogn, enjoying a meal
  • street scenes in Oslo?: buildings, cars, traffic, pedestrians
  • Dorothy window-shops, Arnt M. Kristiansen silverware?
  • Dorothy leaves store with small package,
  • street cars, buses
  • Dorothy window-shops
  • street sign: "Tordenskiolds gate 2-3"
  • woman crosses the street
  • Dorothy stands outside of unidentified building, interacts with two Norwegian children
  • city park with gardens, fountain, sculpture
  • street scenes, buildings
  • pedestrians in park
  • group gathered in park for performance
  • scenery, banks of the Alna River?
  • people gathered along street
  • swan? and duckling waddle across a pathway
  • four chefs carry out a very large cake
  • performance in the park, and spectators
  • narrow street
  • uniformed men walk down street toward camera
  • tour group, including Dorothy, gathers and then walks down street
  • Stockholm? skyline and scenery, including industrial elements along waterway
  • promenade along the water
  • interior of unidentified building
  • street scenes
  • building: Margaretaskolan Hotell Stockholm
  • street scenes, including busker and street vendors
  • man gets his shoes shined
  • street scenes, including pedestrians and bicyclists
  • car with bicycle on rack
  • uniformed man stands at corner, salutes approaching uniformed man
  • street scenes, underexposed and dark
  • boat: Athena, Göteborg
  • Swedish flag
  • Dorothy waves from boat
  • boat trip includes locals waving from the river bank, scenes from rural Sweden, and traveling through locks
  • Dorothy sitting on the boat with friends, painting her nails
  • girl folds napkins on the boat
  • young men stack flotation devices?
  • locals gather to watch drawbridge raised
  • shirtless Morris steers the ship, pipe in mouth
  • boat passes through another lock?
  • sign: "Batturer Gota Kanal"
  • boats docked, Wilhelm Tham boat approaches
  • sign with information about Motala Express, boat tour?
  • Stora Hotellet in Jönköping
  • Motala Express prepared for departure
  • passengers on deck of Motala Express
  • group of boys watches from bridge
  • street scenes, including bicyclists
  • Motala Express
  • bridge moved for Motala Express
  • Motala Express sets sail, view of Captain, passengers
  • pedestrians and cars cross bridge
  • view of the Lake Vättern
  • entrance to Tivoli
  • Wivex
  • street scenes
  • Dorothy looks at fabric at a sidewalk sale
  • Strøget, the pedestrian zone in Copenhagen
  • Copenhagen City Hall
  • street scenes
  • sign: "Danmark / Brandforskiring Livsforsikring"
  • sign: "The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory"
  • sign: "Den Kongelige Porcelainsfabrik / Royal Copenhagen Porce[lain]"
  • sign: "Bing & Grondahl Porcelain"
  • interior of store, Dorothy interacts with salesperson, looks at silver trays, goblets?, candelabras
  • street scenes, with a focus on bicyclists
  • Dorothy near canal, boat with sign in background: Motorfaerge til Christianshavn
  • Dorothy walks up steps from canal to street level
  • Dorothy on platform with luggage cart, sign: "Jönköpings Central Utgang"
  • sign: "Jönköping C"; Lake Vättern in background
  • motorboats cruise by in canal
  • scenes of unidentified city as shot from tour boat
  • Dorothy on the boat
  • Dorothy disembarks
  • Little Mermaid statue, Copenhagen
  • Dorothy at a park with windmill behind her
  • Dorothy walks to bench, sits; Norwegian flag and Frederiksborg Palace? in the background
  • building: Hotel Kobenhavn
  • Dorothy on bridge; crowd walks toward Frederiksborg Palace?
  • Carlsberg Beer sign in distance
  • crowd walks toward Frederiksborg Palace?
  • exteriors of Frederiksborg Palace
  • tour group, including Dorothy, outside of Frederiksborg Palace?
  • Dorothy on bridge
  • bus with sign: "Copenhagen Excursions"
  • bird nest on roof
  • exterior and environs of Frederiksborg Palace?
  • Dorothy walks across large square toward tour group
  • exteriors of unidentified building
  • Dorothy in courtyard, walks toward Hamlet Grill
  • Scandinavian Airlines plane on tarmac; pilot and flight attendant walk toward camera
  • flight attendant walks across frame
  • airport staff prepare plane for flight
  • passengers, including Dorothy, board the aircraft
  • flight attendant poses near steps to plane
  • planes taxi on runway, pans to airport terminal
  • Dorothy seated on the plane, pans to other passengers
  • title card: illustrated, "The End"

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Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(1100 ft.)
Box 1
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 31:21)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 31:21)
Box 1
  • Eiffel Tower, as captured from a boat cruising the Seine
  • views of Paris from the Seine: bridges, buildings, other boats
  • Margolins and friends on boat
  • miniature Statue of Liberty
  • more shots of the Eiffel Tower
  • Notre Dame from the Seine
  • man with movie camera on the boat deck, filming
  • visit to Versailles, including gardens, exteriors, and some interior shots
  • sign: "Marie Antoinette"
  • roadway with directional sign: "Paris"
  • close-up on directional sign: "Paris"
  • street scenes
  • Arc de Triomphe, eternal flame and flowers
  • Obelisque de Luxor in the Place de la Concorde
  • street scenes, Place de la Concorde
  • Dorothy walks toward camera at Versailles?
  • Dorothy interacts with woman selling lace
  • gates of Versailles?
  • woman selling lace
  • Dorothy gets into car
  • Dorothy crosses street, stops and poses near uniformed man, pans to large building
  • Dorothy poses on narrow street, outside of Cinema Photo store
  • exteriors of Versailles and the grounds, including Dorothy and Morris
  • countryside, pond with water lilies
  • sidewalk cafe, Dorothy at table
  • Brasserie du Musee
  • bicyclist on narrow street
  • Dorothy walks across empty square
  • sign on awning: Café A Tout Va Bien Tabac, pans to street scenes
  • exteriors of unidentified church
  • street scenes, bicyclists, pedestrians crossing street
  • Dorothy walks on cobblestone street, café in background
  • Dorothy pretends to hitchhike next to sign: "N5 Fontainebleau 8 Paris 66"
  • exteriors of Fontainebleau, Dorothy walks toward palace
  • interiors of Fontainebleau, including close-ups on artworks; some too dark to see
  • view of Fontainebleau from cafe
  • woman wearing a hat approaches a horse on the street, pets it; others follow suit
  • street scenes, shot from above; pedestrians and traffic
  • long shot of Dorothy, walks toward camera; Miramar [Hotel] in background
  • Dorothy walks toward camera, ocean and rocks in the background
  • Dorothy skips back toward water
  • close-up on the Miramar [Hotel]
  • street scenes
  • close up: Jean Patou
  • traffic cop directs traffic
  • beach scenes
  • Kodak store in background, Dorothy nearby; pedestrians and traffic in foreground
  • Dorothy considers shop offerings
  • Dorothy walks toward camera, casino in background, pans over to La Maison Basque
  • Dorothy poses against fence, shops and ocean in background
  • Dorothy outside of Casino Bellevue, walks toward camera
  • street scenes
  • Dorothy passes small art gallery, Exposition Moreau; stops to show off the paintings
  • Dorothy at café table with huge tray of seafood
  • Dorothy walks by alley that looks onto ocean
  • uniformed man outside of building
  • Dorothy in hotel lobby or restaurant?
  • beach scenes, bikinis, includes shots of Dorothy
  • Dorothy goes for a swim
  • Necresco Hotel in Nice, France
  • street scenes
  • shots of cityscape across the water
  • cars parked along street near ocean, sign: "Frontière"
  • bumper to bumper traffic at Italian border
  • sign: "Arret obligatoire des vehicules allant en Italie"
  • street scenes, architecture
  • narrow Italian street
  • Dorothy wanders through crowded city square
  • tops of ornate buildings in Genova?
  • street scenes, architecture
  • Dorothy? stands next to large columns
  • sidewalk scenes
  • aerial views of city, Christopher Columbus statue?
  • aerial views of harbor, ocean, apartment buildings
  • aerial view of horse (or donkey?) drawn cart
  • ocean dotted with sailboats
  • sidewalk scene
  • two men gesture, point
  • pans to café tables and chairs on open street near small inlet filled with boats
  • Dorothy wanders around, interacts with the two men
  • one of the men points camera toward Morris's camera
  • three men stand around, discussing
  • Dorothy looks at fabric? being sold at a stand
  • boats rocking in the inlet
  • Dorothy walks along street; boats, buildings, water in the background
  • Dorothy poses with the two men by the water
  • Morris and Dorothy, holding hands, walk toward water; joined by one of the men, they shake hands and pose
  • scenic shots of water, buildings and hills
  • Dorothy and the two men sitting at café table
  • Dorothy climbs into a donkey drawn cart
  • the two men sit at the café table
  • Morris talks to someone on the steps of the Monte Carlo Casino
  • Morris shows empty pockets and walks down the stairs
  • exteriors of the Monte Carlo Casino
  • Dorothy waves from parking lot
  • view of the cityscape
  • Dorothy walks along, stopping across the street from the Carlton
  • large promenade near beach
  • beach scenes
  • people gather at tourist site? Dorothy in background
  • unidentified church, Dorothy on street below it
  • sign: "La Provence"
  • quiet city square
  • signs on awning: "Hotel de France / L'Auberge de France"
  • police officer? stands near row of cars
  • Dorothy sits at café, smokes a cigarette, waiter comes by
  • Dorothy walks out of L'Hotel de Paris et de la Poste in Sens, France
  • sign: "Boucherie Chevaline"

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Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(850 ft.)
Box 1
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 23:29)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 23:29)
Box 1

Includes narration and music.

  • Talgo train at San Sebastian station
  • train ride from San Sebastian to Madrid: mountains, valleys, towns, railroad tracks
  • tank with "San Sebastian" written on side
  • Dorothy leaves restaurant near park in Madrid
  • exteriors of Prado Museum; Dorothy exits with books
  • Palace Hotel, roundabout
  • Dorothy walks to sidewalk and toward camera
  • Charles and Emma Fish; Emma, Spanish-Hungarian-Jewish "gal," Dorothy, and friend goof around, dance, take a bow
  • exteriors of El Escorial
  • Dorothy purchases souvenir from street vendor, climbs into car
  • long shot of El Escorial, surrounding landscape
  • Spanish girl seated on rocks
  • view of El Escorial
  • bullfight; includes a few crowd shots
  • Dorothy, Emma and friend exit arena
  • landscape shots, intercut with shots of crowd leaving
  • Dorothy waits outside of stagecoach
  • exteriors of Royal Palace of Madrid
  • Plaza Major; street scenes
  • villagers stand along side of road, looking at camera
  • villagers do laundry outdoors
  • sign: "A Madrid 5km"
  • man walks toward group with dog
  • Dorothy poses with villagers on the side of the road
  • Romani? family walks alongside covered wagon
  • Avenida de José Antonio
  • street scenes, including street vendors
  • architecture, including post office building
  • entrance to metro
  • sign: "Puerto del Sol"
  • street scenes, Dorothy walks toward camera
  • street scenes of Toledo
  • exteriors of Toledo Cathedral
  • uniformed man approaches camera
  • young boy in traditional garb walks up hill toward camera
  • more street scenes of Toledo, many including Dorothy
  • Dorothy has wine with guide in main square of Toledo
  • Colmar store
  • street scenes in Madrid
  • rural Spanish village, barren landscape
  • sign: "Toledo"
  • ruins of the Spanish Civil War
  • bridge over river
  • views of Toledo from overlook
  • Dorothy climbs into car; tour guide at car door
  • more views of Toledo
  • Morris with Spanish women in front of shops
  • Dorothy and Morris in front of synagogue in Toledo
  • sign: "Sinagoga del Transito"
  • street vendor with donkey
  • Dorothy on tree-lined path, uniformed men avoid the camera
  • sign: "House of El Greco"
  • narrow street scenes, including donkeys
  • Dorothy and tour guide walk toward camera
  • Queen Elizabeth ship
  • Dorothy lounges inside
  • Dorothy on deck, adjusts headscarf
  • ocean behind boat
  • Morris lounges on the deck, waves, walk towards camera
  • Dorothy waves from deck; sign: "1st Class Passengers Only" in front of her
  • Morris points at smokestack on deck
  • Dorothy lounges on deck
  • people working on deck of ocean liner
  • high angle shot of Dorothy reading on deck
  • Dorothy and friends? lounging and drinking tea
  • friends on board
  • New York City, Statue of Liberty and harbor from the boat
  • Dorothy on deck
  • Queen Elizabeth at dock, unloading cargo
  • New York dock, cars

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Reversal original, 16mm, so., co., reel 1 of 1
(900 ft.)
Box 1
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 22:21)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 22:21)
Box 1

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Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(500 ft.)
Box 4
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: est. 13:53)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: est. 13:53)
  • sign: "4 Dormitorios Amueblados y Decorados por Patio Shop," in ground outside of building
  • bungalows
  • three men stand in street, looking at partially built bungalows
  • cow in neighborhood, the men go over and pet it
  • sign: "3 Dormitorios Amueblados y Decorados por Patio Shop"
  • man stands in front of partially built structures, points camera at Morris's camera
  • pans over landscape of partially built structures
  • sign: "Nuevos Modelos de Casas Villa Rica Véalos Ahora! desde $8,990"
  • exterior of Villa Rica sales office
  • landscapes, including neighborhoods, streets
  • close-up on poster, blurry
  • monument: "A la memoria de Ramon Emeterio Betances"
  • billboard: HNAS Davila Supermarket
  • billboard: Casa Modelo Villa Rica
  • billboard: Oficina de Ventas
  • houses captured from moving car
  • views of the construction area
  • neon sign: Caribe Hilton
  • tourists at hotel pool and beach, including ocean scenes
  • flamingos
  • Morris stands like a flamingo among the birds
  • landscape and ocean from plane window
  • plane lands
  • people prepare to disembark, underexposed and dark
  • travelers disembark from airplane at St. Thomas-Virgin Islands
  • locals unload luggage from plane
  • Caribair plane
  • sign: "Welcome to St. Thomas Virgin Islands, U.S.A. Be sure to visit St. John and St. Croix"
  • Caribair plane and stairs on tarmac
  • Dorothy and daughters? pose under "Welcome" sign
  • sign: too dark to read
  • travelers sit in terminal
  • group of (mostly) women look out at scenic view
  • interior shots of a shop? underexposed and dark
  • landscapes
  • locals at harbor, fellow travelers mingle
  • produce market at the harbor
  • Dorothy walks toward camera
  • donkey carries cargo down street
  • large house
  • golf course, close-up on someone setting up a shot
  • group of men play golf
  • golfers buy or receive? fruit from young man
  • golfers peel and eat fruit
  • Morris walks from golf cart, rolls up pant legs, and prepares to swing; golfs
  • city square, street scenes
  • unidentified church?
  • San Juan National Historic Site Visitor Center
  • sign: "Visitor Center San Juan National Historic Site / U.S. Department of the Interior National Park Service"
  • parking lot near Visitor Center
  • fellow travelers waiting in parking lot
  • interior of Visitor Center?
  • women at golf course
  • man stands next to car
  • sign: "Caribair"
  • group of travelers waiting at airport, underexposed and dark
  • sign: Pan American World Airways, underexposed and dark
  • fellow travelers read newspapers, underexposed and dark
  • poster: "The Virgin Islands by Caribair St. Crois St. John St. Thomas Now Also to St. Maarten, N.W.I."
  • technicians? near plane on tarmac
  • group approaches plane, poses outside, and boards
  • Morris and unknown woman pose in front of plane, wave, and board
  • interior of plane
  • license plate: Tropical Playground T-116 Virgin Islands
  • aerial view of town and ocean
  • group at restaurant, underexposed and dark
  • woman in bathing suit climbing onto and then off of boat
  • tourists at hotel pool and beach
  • series of swimmers jump from diving board
  • unidentified church
  • street scenes
  • group walks away from Farmacia la Esperanza
  • houses

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Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(600 ft.)
Box 2
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 16:34)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 16:34)
Box 1

Includes narration and music. Structured as a story about the travels of a Simca, their rental car.

  • Dorothy walks past young man getting water from pump, poses
  • Dorothy sits at sidewalk table at café
  • sidewalk and street scenes
  • close-up of church facade
  • Dorothy walks out of restaurant?
  • sidewalk and street scenes, including produce stand
  • Dorothy gets directions from man with a newspaper
  • Dorothy at produce stand
  • unidentified cathedral
  • Dorothy at newsstand near cathedral
  • houses on hillside, street scene
  • harbor, including docked boats
  • shops and street scene
  • Dorothy climbs into Simca car, waving
  • close-up on license plate of car
  • sign: Villa d'Este
  • car on shaded street
  • another Villa d'Este sign
  • landscape shot pans to car on shaded street
  • boat in harbor
  • Lake Como and environs
  • Dorothy walks through garden at Villa d'Este
  • small group of women walk toward parked car, the Simca?
  • cars drive down narrow street toward camera
  • Milan Cathedral, with plenty of pigeons outside
  • Dorothy and fellow travelers
  • building and parking lot
  • Dorothy and friends walk toward Museo Teatrale
  • sign: Museo Teatrale
  • advertisement for La Boheme at Teatro alla Scala
  • Milan City Centre: shops, Dorothy and friends, street scenes, fountain
  • exterior of arena in Verona
  • street scene
  • advertisement for Arena Verona
  • banner: "Arena di Verona - La Forza del Destino - Il Trovatore - Faust"; pans down to street scene
  • buildings, including Rolex sign
  • shops, narrow street
  • clock tower, street scene
  • statue fountain
  • Dorothy outside of a cathedral? underexposed
  • Verona city gate
  • street scenes, including street performer
  • statues on building
  • Dorothy sitting on bench in park, near fountain
  • exterior of cathedral
  • directional sign: Roma, Arezzo, Firenze, Il Campo, Duomo
  • woman walks by eating ice cream
  • narrow curved street, car drives toward camera
  • sign: "Costa Larga"; pans down to street scene
  • Dorothy walks toward "Ristorante," pans up to apartment buildings
  • Dorothy walks away from Ristorante, toward camera
  • city square
  • two women stand by fence near body of water
  • sign: "San Marino"
  • signs for restaurants, hotels
  • shots of Dorothy at Guaita fortress
  • aerial shot of countryside from Guaita
  • Dorothy with fortress in background, looking at guidebook
  • Dorothy at outdoor café table
  • two women walking up cobblestone street
  • Dorothy with countryside in background, Vespa? in foreground
  • Dorothy walks down narrow cobblestone side street
  • Dorothy near signs
  • streets crowded with shoppers, including Dorothy
  • statue and tower
  • Italian countryside
  • crowded street, two uniformed men walk toward camera
  • guards
  • flag
  • sign: visas
  • traffic cop directs (very little) traffic
  • guards near wall: S. Marino Italia
  • sunbathers on rocks at water
  • beach hotel and many umbrellas
  • beachgoers on rocks at water
  • water crashing against rocks, people swimming
  • bikini-clad sunbather reading
  • beach scenes
  • Dorothy puts on swimming cap and gets in the water
  • rocks, waves and beachgoers
  • marina with fortress in background, colorful apartment buildings, café chairs, boats
  • men walk by with luggage cart, boats in background
  • two women with a baby at café
  • marina, boats
  • colorful apartment buildings, pans down to boats
  • crowded street scene with sidewalk vendors, buildings
  • aerial view with water, buildings, mountains
  • ocean at sunset, boats and pier?
  • aerial view of water, town, mountains
  • colorful beachside hotel
  • sunbathers under umbrellas near hotel
  • city square, people gathered around outdoor theatre?
  • more shots of city square, including monks? and nurses?
  • monks? or friars? talking, sign in background: Otello
  • three women stand outside of souvenir? shop
  • men sit at sidewalk tables
  • close-ups of buildings on square
  • unidentified church
  • crowded (narrow) street scenes, near the city square
  • close-ups of couple on small balcony, architecture
  • adolescents hanging out, architecture
  • city square, Dorothy? crosses square and climbs steps to unidentified church
  • shots of church, Dorothy? enters
  • make-shift newspaper stand outside of church, headline about Eisenhower
  • Dorothy poses near well
  • Florence skyline from across Arno River; Dorothy enters frame, poses
  • view down the Arno River, including Ponte Santa Trinita and Ponte Vecchio
  • close-up of jewelry in window, pulls back to show Dorothy looking in at them
  • more close-ups of a jewelry window display
  • long shot of stylish woman in profile, baby toddles around and falls in background
  • shots, including close-ups, of stylish woman posing, model?
  • street scenes, some include Dorothy
  • Dorothy window-shops
  • Dorothy walks over to fenced bust of Benvenuto Cellini
  • sign: "A Benvenuto Cellini Maestro / gli orafi di Firenze"
  • Dorothy by bust, points, poses on bridge, sits on curb
  • Dorothy window-shops, camera pans to street, including woman with camera
  • Dorothy at window display of jewelry, points
  • Arno River, buildings, bridge
  • group waits in front of bus
  • close-ups of exterior of basilica Santa Maria del Fiore, glimpse of the crowd
  • woman in dress poses, model?
  • street scenes, including street vendors, street sweeper, horse-drawn carriage
  • crowd waiting outside building
  • Dorothy talks to stylish woman near car, model?
  • city square, including horse-drawn carriage
  • Dorothy walks out of shop
  • more exteriors of the basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore, including the dome
  • crowd, people pointing up
  • street scene, including traffic cop
  • exterior of Albergo Excelsior Italia, Dorothy talks to man in white uniform
  • smaller crowd outside of previously-seen building
  • directional sign: Pisa, Livorno; roads
  • countryside, bales of hay
  • leaning tower of Pisa and environs
  • street scenes near leaning tower, nuns and monks walk by line of souvenir stalls
  • more shots of leaning tower of Pisa
  • from tower, Dorothy walks toward the camera
  • buildings nearby leaning tower of Pisa, and the tower again
  • Dorothy waits in line at street cart near base of leaning tower of Pisa
  • group of monks walking away from camera
  • street scenes near leaning tower of Pisa, including priest riding bicycle
  • men in jester suits guard passageway
  • shots of St. Peter's Square, Vatican City
  • priest takes photograph for family
  • close-up on statue
  • young woman climbs onto motor scooter with young man
  • exteriors of St. Peter's Basilica, complete with tour buses
  • obelisk
  • fountain
  • columned promenade near St. Peter's Basilica
  • people exiting St. Peter's Basilica? including a Buddhist? monk and a fancifully uniformed man
  • close-up: Musei Vaticani
  • people entering St. Peter's Basilica? man perched near entrance
  • close-up on sign for Monumenti Musei e Gallerie Pontifici
  • people walk along Vatican wall, past street vendors
  • sign: "Only five hours from Rome visit Israel the land of the Bible"
  • buildings, street scene; nun in foreground before frame pans up
  • Vatican wall and Musei Vaticani archway with statues above, bus drives by, people come and go
  • Dorothy holds picture, stands in front of Vatican wall?
  • shot of Dorothy on sidewalk, under café umbrellas
  • pans to include sidewalk and café
  • underexposed shot, hard to see
  • skyline with palm tree in foreground, domes behind
  • Dorothy walks down curved outdoor steps
  • church? Dorothy enters frame, walking down steps
  • shot of Dorothy sitting on steps with church? behind her
  • Dorothy approaches and interacts with a group of people, perhaps a Jewish-Italian family? in rural setting
  • women hoe hay, other farmwork
  • woman walks toward building carrying container on head
  • chicken and her chicks
  • donkey with cart, occupied by small boy
  • men hang out under brick structure
  • woman walks down steps
  • street scene with café tables, woman carrying cargo on head, uniformed man
  • Dorothy (in two different outfits) outside unidentified building, probably in Rome

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Reversal original, 16mm, so., co., reel 1 of 1
(1150 ft.)
Box 1
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 31:21)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 31:21)
Box 1

Includes music, but no narration.

  • unidentified cathedral
  • harbor
  • boats
  • historic buildings
  • street scenes
  • museum
  • bullfight at stadium
  • donkey cart
  • people
  • street vendors
  • stores
  • windmills
  • farm
  • boy milking cow
  • tourists on beach
  • people in traditional clothing, playing instruments and performing traditional dances
  • Barcelona
  • street scenes
  • traffic
  • cars
  • stores
  • shops
  • church
  • cathedrals
  • horse cart
  • buildings
  • sign: Barcelona
  • sign: Ritz
  • last scene: exterior of Ritz Hotel

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Reversal original, 16mm, so., co., reel 1 of 1
(500 ft.)
Box 2
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 13:52)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 13:52)
Box 1
  • New York City 5th Street Pier
  • Holland-American Line pier
  • aerial view of tugboat
  • S.S. New Amsterdam ocean liner
  • people on the S.S. New Amsterdam
  • ship's crew working
  • Southampton docks
  • France
  • shops
  • stores
  • sign: "Vernaison"
  • market
  • sign: "Le Coq Hardi"
  • park
  • taxi
  • Paris
  • military tank in the middle of a city square near the Eiffel Tower
  • sign: "Exposition Napoleon III Magenta Solferino Le Prince Imperial"
  • Louvre
  • obelisk
  • historic buildings
  • sign: "Place Vendôme"
  • street scenes
  • traffic
  • stores
  • shops
  • cars
  • monuments
  • Maxim's
  • sign: "Avenue des Champs-élysées"
  • cafés
  • restaurants
  • Southern France - the Riviera
  • Carlton Hotel
  • street scenes
  • beach
  • outdoor vendors
  • traffic
  • sailors
  • shops
  • stores
  • esplanade
  • Martinez
  • aerial view of city
  • garden
  • people at beach
  • sign: "Carlton"
  • gay male couple?
  • Israeli flag
  • sign: "Red Roc"
  • seaside resort
  • sign: "Beau Rivage Palace Hotel"
  • Switzerland
  • building flying Swiss flag
  • mountains in background
  • houses
  • fields
  • aerial view of mountain town
  • sign: "Café Schutzhaus"
  • snow, snowy rocks

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Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(975 ft.)
Box 2
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 27:10)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 27:10)
Box 1
  • title card: "Islands in the Sun: Puerto Rico, Jamaica, St. Thomas"
  • Dorothy and friends (possibly family?) sunbathing, hamming it up for the camera
  • people relaxing in waterfalls
  • underexposed, hard to see
  • woman climbs into car
  • funicular
  • aerial views of lush landscape and ocean
  • fellow travelers outside of hotel?
  • British flag; probably in Jamaica
  • lush landscape
  • travelers climb into car outside of hotel?
  • men ride bicycles, pull goats on a leash
  • young girl on side of the road
  • sign: "Jamaica Inn"
  • palm tree and ocean
  • resort, beach scenes
  • street scenes, shot from a moving car
  • monument
  • houses, shot from a moving car
  • uniformed man in front of constabulary station
  • woman selling produce at roadside stand
  • traffic jam? cars stopped, people gathered
  • another shot of produce stand
  • group standing outside of bus
  • police car
  • cars stationary on road
  • people stand on the roadside, shot from inside a car
  • woman carries a bundle on her head
  • man rides by on donkey
  • women carry baskets on their heads
  • street scenes
  • fellow traveler beside fenced garden
  • fellow traveler in the middle of the road, vehicle approaches from behind
  • street scenes
  • sign: "JAA Bog Walk"
  • shots of unidentified building with fenced garden in front
  • shots of "Tom Cringle's Cotton Tree," including sign
  • cart hauling palm fronds, shot from behind
  • street scenes, shot from inside car
  • shops
  • women waving straw hats
  • traffic cop directs traffic
  • sidewalk and street scenes, including fellow travelers
  • directional sign: "Victoria Crafts Market"
  • street and sidewalk scenes
  • group of children walk toward the camera
  • young girl and father pose for camera
  • young boys play on the sidewalk, hamming it up for the camera
  • street scenes from car, including traffic cops
  • fellow travelers stand beneath sign: "Welcome to Victoria Crafts Market: The All-Jamaican Shopping Centre"
  • boats on the water, at dock
  • woman embellishing hats
  • advertisement: Welcome to Jamaica See the Exciting Mid-Day Native Floor Show at New Bamboo Club
  • fellow travelers climb into car
  • Dorothy poses for camera in garden
  • Dorothy and friend pose in front of flower garden that spells out "Welcome to Hope"
  • garden, flowers
  • patio seating at restaurant, fellow travelers and other tourists drink, eat, dance
  • Dorothy and friends balance drinks on their heads
  • Dorothy and friends drink
  • traditionally dressed Jamaican musicians play and dance for tourists on patio
  • lots of dancing!
  • man walks to car, stormy day
  • life preserver: Arawak Hotel, Jamaica, B.W.I.
  • exteriors of the Arawak Hotel
  • fellow travelers sunbathe on the beach
  • birds fly overhead
  • Dorothy and fellow travelers walk from beach to hotel pool
  • each poses with life preserver framing their face
  • overexposed shot of ocean
  • fellow travelers swimming in ocean
  • boats in water: sailboat, glass bottom boat, etc.
  • beach filled with beachgoers, pier
  • pool at the Arawak Hotel?
  • Dorothy? in swimming cap swims out to friend on raft
  • the Margolins? runs out into ocean together, swims back to shore
  • another couple does the same
  • buffet meal
  • hotel pool
  • back to the mealtime
  • sign: "670 New York"
  • sign: "Avianca Colombian National Airway"
  • shots of Avianca plane on tarmac
  • interiors of plane, underexposed
  • shots of clouds, propeller, sunset from airplane window

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Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(600 ft.)
Box 2
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 21:27)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 21:27)
Box 1
  • three people sitting in seats at an airport
  • people waiting in airport
  • debarking from airplane
  • beach
  • tourists at hotel pool
  • sailboat
  • churches
  • buildings
  • harbor
  • cars
  • traffic
  • outdoor produce stand
  • stores
  • shops
  • women walking with baskets on heads
  • esplanade
  • water skiing
  • native barge
  • man standing and paddling in a small "canoe" filled with green bananas
  • people walking a dog down a side walk

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Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(325 ft.)
Box 2
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: est. 9:01)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: est. 9:01)
  • life preserver: C. Colombo Genova
  • travelers on deck of ocean liner Cristoforo Colombo
  • men in dinghy trying to sell goods to people on ocean liner, goods travel up a rope port
  • Pompeii
  • ruins, museum
  • Napoli
  • streets scenes
  • mosque
  • children
  • piazza
  • cars
  • traffic
  • girl in first communion dress
  • shops
  • stores
  • cafes
  • view of mountain
  • hilltop park
  • tourists on beach
  • Israel:
  • border guards
  • people working in fields
  • sign: "Yad Mordekhai"
  • street scenes
  • outdoor market
  • donkey cart
  • cars
  • stores
  • shops
  • traffic
  • beach
  • hotel
  • archeological sites
  • people in orchard
  • ruins of Roman baths with curative waters
  • synagogue
  • sign: "Eastern Bridge"
  • Cesarea
  • playing games with people at a settlement
  • construction sites and new buildings
  • palace, including grounds
  • mosques
  • aerial view of harbor city
  • sign: "General Exhibition of Safad Artists"
  • children
  • Jerusalem:
  • street scenes
  • aerial view of city
  • sign: "King David's Tomb"
  • sign: "Chamber of Destruction"
  • Mount of Olives
  • Mount Zion
  • buildings
  • roads
  • university campus
  • students
  • couple walking arm and arm on a curved sidewalk

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Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(1150 ft.)
Box 2
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 43:34)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 43:34)
Box 1
  • title card: "Vagabonds in Foreign Lands"
  • title card: Produced by Margolin
  • title card: Directed by Margolin
  • title card: Costumes by Margolin
  • title card: Casting by Margolin
  • title card: Music Sound by Margolin
  • title card: Financed by Margolin
  • title card: Photography by Margolin
  • Cast / Morris - Fuehrer / Kal - A Runner / Eleanor - Prime Minister / Dorothy - Shlepalong
  • boats in harbor in Greece
  • Dorothy on boat with Kal?
  • boat sets sail, views of the water and shore
  • Dorothy and Eleanor? on deck
  • Dorothy poses with view of city behind her
  • views of towns and harbors from the boat
  • street scenes, including enormous pelican
  • small boat on the water
  • man rides donkey up and out of tunnel
  • boat docks
  • buildings on the mountainside
  • man rolls barrel along street
  • harbor scenes
  • countryside, including mountains
  • Kal?, Dorothy, Eleanor? exit museum? one at a time
  • Acropolis
  • Dorothy poses at the Acropolis, then at Parthenon
  • Morris poses at the Parthenon
  • Dorothy walks into the frame, pans to Greek flag in distance
  • close-up of Parthenon columns
  • aerial views of Athens
  • close-up of Greek flag
  • aerial views of Athens
  • views of the Parthenon
  • amphitheatre
  • beach and seaside buildings
  • street scenes
  • scenes from street market
  • close-ups on produce
  • Dorothy? walks down narrow street
  • man gets his hair cut
  • street scenes, including street sweeper
  • Dorothy walks down narrow street
  • street scenes
  • Dorothy talks to man on the street
  • city square
  • women balancing baskets on their head
  • school group? walks along street
  • street scenes
  • people at fountain
  • pigeons fly around square
  • women in traditional clothing
  • Dorothy stands on steps, pans to street and hillside
  • woman in blue dress walks down steps
  • man in uniform walks down steps

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Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(400 ft.)
Box 2
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 11:47)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 11:47)
Box 1
  • exterior of store camera at a 90 degree angle
  • city street scenes of native people dressed in Western clothing and traditional Japanese clothing
  • stores
  • shops
  • outdoor sculptures
  • monuments
  • Rodin sculptures
  • river
  • kites
  • sign: "Uyeno Seiyoken"
  • office buildings
  • cars
  • traffic
  • park
  • sign: "Buddhist Temple: Kotoku-In Monastery Kamakura"
  • school group at the temple
  • houses
  • boats/junks on land
  • pagodas
  • view from train
  • funicular up a mountain
  • man boiling eggs in a hot spring
  • tourist ferry boat
  • boats in harbor
  • train station
  • school children
  • women in kimonos
  • street parade
  • museum commemorating victims of Hiroshima
  • hot springs
  • formal procession
  • pagoda

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Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(800 ft.)
Box 2
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 22:42)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 22:42)
Box 1
  • "Hong Kong Water Tours" flap flying from mast of boat
  • Hong Kong
  • wooden ferry boat
  • boats in harbor
  • view of skyline from the boat
  • sign: "Kowloon Public Pier"
  • harbor crowded with houseboats
  • people fishing from small boat
  • street scenes
  • people walking
  • modern hotel with beach and golf course
  • Bangkok
  • houses
  • sign: "Tiger pagoda- exterior and detail"
  • aerial view of city
  • street scenes
  • hotels
  • shops
  • stores
  • restaurants
  • apartment houses
  • monkey
  • outdoor café
  • houseboats
  • flooded rice patties
  • boats
  • sights of other boats, structures, houses and people as seen from a boat going down river
  • people swimming and bathing in the river
  • vendors selling merchandise from their small boats
  • Buddhist temple, including interior, exterior, grounds
  • Buddhist monks
  • buildings and another boat on river viewed from a traveling boat

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Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(950 ft.)
Box 2
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 28:01)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 28:01)
Box 1
  • palm trees
  • Hawaii
  • hula dance performance with guitar accompanists
  • group of tourists learn to hula dance
  • man climbing a palm tree
  • sailboats at the edge of beach
  • Pakistan? Turkey?
  • street market
  • vendors
  • street scenes
  • village huts outside of the city
  • oxen
  • houses
  • outdoor laundry
  • unidentified palace
  • camel
  • children
  • café on a beach
  • stores
  • shops
  • trams
  • boats
  • exterior and interior and grounds of palace or museum
  • sign: "Baghdad Kiosk"
  • men washing feet
  • temple or mosque?
  • monuments
  • obelisks
  • aerial view of coliseum, city, bay
  • street market
  • interior of airplane, flight attendants
  • Portugal
  • outdoor produce market
  • harbor
  • esplanade
  • fishermen repairing nets and boats
  • street scenes
  • exteriors of buildings
  • beach
  • town square
  • village life
  • women washing laundry
  • sign: "Convento de Santa Cruz dos Capuchos"
  • exteriors of Palacio Hotel

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Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(900 ft.)
Box 3
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 25:20)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 25:20)
Box 1
  • traffic circle in Paris, vehicles driving around an obelisk
  • buildings
  • traffic
  • cars
  • sign: "Place Vendome"
  • street scenes
  • scale models of ocean liners
  • sign: "Avenue De L'Opera"
  • L'Opera
  • Gendarme
  • shops
  • stores
  • cinema
  • film posters
  • apartment houses
  • street vendors
  • streetcar
  • construction workers
  • advertisements
  • sign: "Rue St. Honoré"
  • sign: "Boulevard St. Germain"
  • churches
  • Place St. Genevieve
  • Anti-Vietnam War and Anti-American posters
  • Seine River
  • Notre Dame
  • people on the banks of the Seine
  • Deauxville
  • street scenes
  • hotel
  • waterfront
  • harbor
  • shops
  • stores
  • buildings
  • cars
  • vehicles
  • traffic
  • café
  • horse and buggy
  • sign: "Avenue General De Gaulle"
  • New Golf Club in Deauville
  • statue honoring the dead of World War II
  • outdoor street market
  • beach
  • Paris
  • statue of Joan of Arc
  • cars
  • traffic
  • sign: "Rue de Rivoli"
  • Champs-élysées
  • outdoor sculptures
  • park
  • Arc De Triomphe
  • George V Hotel
  • Folies Bergère poster
  • cafés
  • sign: "Champs Elysees"
  • Maria Callas poster
  • Christian Dior boutique
  • Eiffel Tower
  • sign: "Rue De Seine"
  • tourist tour boat
  • church
  • University of Paris
  • sign: "Quai des Tuileries"
  • sign: "Rue de la Paix"
  • sign: "Boulevard des Capucines
  • sign: "Rue Danou"
  • French Riviera
  • palm trees and Paramount film posters
  • Cannes?
  • film posters and advertisements
  • outdoor beachfront café
  • people on the beach
  • airport
  • people boarding an airplane
  • boats in a harbor
  • fisherman unloading nets
  • photo shoot of a model in a bikini
  • Carlton Hotel
  • Chartres cathedral?
  • front of Chartres Cathedral

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Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(850 ft.)
Box 3
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 33:06)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 33:06)
Box 1
  • prow of the ocean liner Michelangelo
  • people seeing off the ship from dock
  • crew working on ship
  • travelers on deck of ship
  • ship captain piloting ship
  • Port of Genoa
  • Morocco
  • buildings
  • hotel
  • street scenes
  • donkeys/mules
  • stores
  • shops
  • people filling up water at an outdoor faucet
  • men praying
  • mosque
  • outdoor street market
  • outdoor vendors
  • women in burkahs
  • traffic
  • acrobats performing on street
  • interior of mosque
  • aerial view of city
  • apartment houses
  • cemetery
  • castle or fortress
  • directional signs: Beni Mellal, Kasba Tadla, El Kelaa and Marrakesh
  • fields
  • sheep and herder
  • Marrakesh
  • children walking home from school
  • rug weavers at looms
  • sign: "Cooperative Artisanale D'Azrou"
  • village
  • houses
  • city street scenes
  • sign: "Arab Bank"
  • garden
  • sign: "Proprieté Jacque Majorelle"
  • village
  • laundry
  • sign: "Hotel La Mamounia"
  • parade or march
  • hotel pool
  • street performers
  • snake charmer
  • street dancers and musicians
  • sign: "Casbah"
  • Casbah garden
  • Venice
  • motorboat ride
  • view of Venice from canal
  • gondolas
  • breakfast on balcony
  • buildings
  • canals
  • palaces
  • bridges
  • sign: "Hotel Bauer Grunwald"
  • flags flying
  • beach
  • Doge's Palace
  • stores
  • shops
  • street scenes
  • artists painting at easels in piazza
  • interior of restaurant
  • café
  • advertisements
  • street vendors
  • pigeons
  • children and nuns in a procession
  • group of young people walking through a piazza

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Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(1200 ft.)
Box 3
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 43:14)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 43:13)
Box 1

The original film was labeled 1967, but edge code on the 16mm reversal original indicates that sections of this film pre-date 1967; more details are available on the film's Print Condition Report. It is possible, though, that the Margolins took more than one to the Soviet Union in the 1950s and 1960s.

  • onion-domed buildings shot from across river
  • street scene, traffic
  • State Historical Museum, Red Square, the Kremlin
  • goose-stepping guards marching in front of Lenin's Mausoleum
  • long line outside of Lenin's Mausoleum on Red Square
  • Saint Basil's Cathedral
  • children wearing uniforms, holding red flags on Red Square
  • long line for Lenin's Mausoleum wraps around Red Square
  • school children walking in line
  • Tsar Bell
  • group of school children in uniform
  • Red Square
  • building with large columns
  • street scene, traffic
  • Moscow State University
  • view of Moscow from Sparrow Hill, Moskva River
  • sign: "Hotel Berlin" (also in Russian)
  • Hotel Berlin and environs
  • street scenes, including Dorothy
  • banner in Russian
  • street scenes, including Dorothy
  • park, food vendors
  • city square
  • entrance arch to the All-Russia Exhibition Center
  • Dorothy and fellow travelers
  • the All-Russia Exhibition Center, including sign in Russian
  • close-up on statue on top of entrance arch
  • scenes from the All-Russia Exhibition Center, including fountains, statues, architecture, red flags
  • photographer takes picture of fellow travelers
  • food vendors
  • wide promenade with entrance arch in the distance
  • ornate fountain
  • food vendors and hungry school children
  • more scenes from All-Russie Exhibition
  • sign: arrow points left, in Russian
  • Dorothy and friend? toward camera
  • close-up of building, the Bolshoi Theatre?
  • river scenes, including large ship, Neva River in St. Petersburg?
  • Bronze Horseman statue of Peter the Great, St. Petersburg
  • exterior of St. Isaac's Cathedral
  • street scenes, including historic architecture
  • construction workers spreading asphalt
  • exterior shots of the Hermitage
  • exterior of the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood, some scaffolding
  • architecture, street scenes
  • Neva River
  • Battleship Aurora, open to tourists
  • sailor walking away on sidewalk along the bank of the Neva River
  • Dorothy Margolin with guard outside of Peterhof Palace
  • Peterhof Palace gardens
  • school group touring Peterhof Palace gardens, close-up on faces of young boys
  • Dorothy poses with a group of schoolgirls
  • statue
  • kids play in fountain, sprinkler drenches garden
  • Neva River?
  • workers cultivate grass
  • Catherine Palace
  • older women sitting on bench outside of palace
  • restoration work performed on Catherine Palace
  • horse passes under archway
  • apartment building?
  • street scenes
  • St. Petersburg Mosque, ornate exterior alcove
  • gates to unidentified, passersby
  • Smolny Cathedral?
  • parking lot
  • unidentified yellow building behind trees
  • wide boulevard, possibly Nevsky Prospekt?
  • tracking shot along bridge over canal, Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood in background
  • exterior of Kazan Cathedral
  • exteriors of Grand Choral Synagogue
  • woman pastes up street advertisements, street scene
  • statue of Lenin on pillar, flowers below, in Kiev, Ukraine
  • street scenes, architecture
  • four uniformed men walk by on sidewalk, high angle shot from upstairs window
  • woman painting wall
  • women working on railroad construction
  • street scene from inside car, framed by windshield
  • long shot of statue, from across the street
  • red building with explanatory sign outside
  • sidewalk scene, open yellow door (sign in Cyrillic)
  • sign: "Hashian"
  • sidewalk scenes
  • exteriors of St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery?
  • intercut with people on nearby sidewalk, inc. Dorothy and friend
  • open square, large group of people walking toward camera
  • exteriors Kiev Pechersk Lavra?
  • school children and others walk by
  • scaffolding and restoration work
  • landscape shots overlooking the Dnieper River, fade to black
  • man walks over to food stand?
  • sidewalk scenes, Kiev?
  • street musicians
  • sign in Cyrillic
  • blue building, unknown
  • two uniformed schoolgirls walk toward camera
  • long shot of Mother Motherland statue? from other side of hill
  • high angle shot of billboards
  • memorial statue and plaque: Cyrillic
  • workers digging in park
  • scenes of Park of Glory (Park Slavi), including Fallen Heroes Alley, fade to black
  • eternal flame at base of Obelisk of Glory, surrounded by flowers
  • view from base of Obelisk of Glory
  • street scenes as shot from the car, windshield and dashboard visible
  • exteriors of utilitarian apartment buildings, new constructions
  • memorial and surrounding greenery
  • sign: "Intourist [sic]-- Hotel-Restaurant -- Oreanda"
  • Hotel Oreanda, Yalta
  • women crossing street, toward camera; includes Dorothy
  • 1917-1967 anniversary banner for the Red Revolution on Hotel Oreanda
  • street food vendor
  • red flag flies among street lights
  • street scenes, inc. shot of Dorothy and Morris?
  • beach
  • Hotel Oreanda; Dorothy waits outside with friend
  • Dorothy and friend walk toward Livadia Palace
  • Livadia Palace architecture and grounds
  • sign in Cyrillic
  • Livadia Palace gardens and view of the Black Sea, includes shot of women working in the garden
  • Morris walks into frame and sits on bench
  • views of hillside neighborhood and Black Sea
  • Morris with Livadia Palace and Black Sea in the background
  • landscape
  • fade to black
  • white statues, museum interiors
  • white lion statue at Vorontsov Palace; Dorothy walks into shot
  • people working on gardens at Vorontsov Palace
  • Dorothy and friend? walk toward camera holding hands (multiple takes)
  • small group pauses at top of steps, gardener walks up
  • landscape shot of gardens and Black Sea, people sit on benches in foreground
  • Vorontsov Palace walls
  • sign related to 1917-1967 anniversary
  • food vendor
  • people gathering for group shot in courtyard
  • unidentified building
  • street and sidewalk scenes
  • indoor/outdoor food and flower market; seems rural
  • busts in park; fade to black
  • children eating ice cream cones on bench, Soviet era posters in background
  • ice cream vendor, children buy ice cream
  • garden square with memorial tree and flowers; sign in Cyrillic
  • hotel; very mod
  • landscape view of rolling hilltops
  • unknown rustic restaurant, park?; fade to black
  • unknown building; sign in Cyrillic
  • truck transporting logs drives by
  • Soviet advertisement, perhaps propaganda; in Cyrillic
  • statue in front of streetlight on road median
  • mod building, maybe a bus stop or convenience store?
  • farmland along river
  • dance performance in a theater
  • aerial view of city
  • Dorothy stands by a fence with a view of town in the background
  • Morris stands in same place with pipe in hand, waves goodbye

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Reversal original, 16mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(1200 ft.)
Box 3
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 35:54)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 35:54)
Box 1

This film does not appear to have been made by Morris Margolin; rather, it is likely that it is a documentary film acquired by the Margolins on their trip to the Soviet Union.

Includes narration and music.

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Positive print, 16mm, so., co., reel 1 of 1
(1100 ft.)
Box 3
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 31:49)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 31:49)
Box 1
  • flowers on windowsill, landscape from window
  • sign: "Servizio Motoscafi per la Grotta Azzurra"
  • street scenes, including Bar Grotta Azzurra
  • boats at dock
  • street scenes, including street vendor
  • boats and buildings along shore
  • close up on sign: "Servizio Motoscafi per la Grotta Azzurra / Andata e ritorno L. 300
  • buildings near water, on cliff
  • beach from a distance
  • men on dock working with net
  • boats in harbor
  • woman fills bucket with water at spigot
  • street scenes, including cafes and shops
  • Dorothy sits near bottom of stairs
  • ships on the water
  • Dorothy and friend? walk with crowd toward camera
  • high-angle shots of people in canoes, boats near La Grotta Azzurra
  • people exit canoes, line for canoe rides
  • Dorothy and friend? in canoe
  • views of landscape
  • exteriors of a villa?
  • Dorothy under a covered walkway
  • views of landscape
  • walkway flanked by trees
  • sign: "San Michele di Axel Munthe"
  • Dorothy walks out of doorway
  • plaque about Axel Munthe (in Italian)
  • two people tend to garden
  • café
  • clock tower
  • street scenes, including Dorothy
  • building: Hotel Quisiana
  • scenes at the dock, includes sign: "Diretto Sorrento"
  • Dorothy and friends wait with luggage
  • views of harbor and boats, shot from boat
  • garden or park? in Ethiopia
  • buildings
  • street scenes
  • crowd on hillside
  • livestock
  • street scenes, including Dorothy, people gathering? at roundabout
  • two men shake hands
  • well-dressed young people line-up
  • plaque: in Amharic?
  • plaque: "His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie the First Emperor of Ethiopia In Order to Promote and Improve the Services of Posts and Telecommunications for the Benefit of His People Inaugurated These Buildings on This 2nd Day of November 1969 on the Thirty Ninth Year of His Reign"
  • exteriors of buildings
  • sign: "Minister of State"
  • street scenes, construction
  • exteriors of building, parking lot
  • street scenes, crowd gathered
  • Dorothy amongst the crowd
  • crowd gathered around street performance
  • sign: "Terefe Guta House Rent & Real Estate Broker"
  • exteriors of buildings, street scenes
  • close-up on painting, underexposed
  • Ethiopian flag flaps in distance, behind trees
  • scenes of impoverished area
  • buildings, mountains off in the distance
  • lion statue
  • man in traditional clothing
  • H.I.M. Menelik mausoleum
  • statue
  • exterior shots of unidentified building
  • close-ups on stained glass with religious motifs
  • building under construction?
  • exteriors of unidentified buildings, gardens
  • Dorothy walks toward the camera
  • sign: "Haile Selassie I University"
  • exteriors of buildings, presumably at the university
  • Dorothy on the roadside, sign behind her reads: "You are now entering Kenya"
  • sign: "Nairobi Hebrew Congregation Services"
  • exteriors of synagogue
  • street scenes
  • sign: "University of Nairobi"
  • exteriors of unidentified buildings
  • Dorothy walks around sculpture, toward camera
  • close-ups of sculptures
  • plaque: "In grateful remembrance of Dr. R.K. Yajnik"
  • exteriors of buildings
  • building: University of Nairobi
  • street scenes
  • creek
  • cityscape
  • giraffes
  • sign: "White Grass Ridge / Beware of Lions"
  • zebras, other wildlife
  • scenes from the savanna
  • primates (baboons?), one sits on the hood of a car
  • hippos in the water
  • locals and tourists on a path
  • antelope?
  • sign: "Hyaena Dam / Narogomon Dam"
  • ostrich
  • lioness walks from behind van
  • landscape shots
  • warthogs
  • gazelle?
  • running ostrich
  • giraffe
  • city skyline, buildings
  • sign: "Golden City Hotel"
  • street scenes
  • sign: "Jewish Guild War Memorial" (Johannesburg, South Africa?)
  • street scenes
  • building with scaffolding
  • street scenes, exteriors of buildings
  • Hotel Monte Carlo
  • Barclays Bank
  • men loading cargo
  • Tollman Towers
  • street scenes
  • Dorothy window-shops
  • street scenes, including Foschini, Woolworths
  • skyline of Johannesburg?
  • Dorothy and friends in a neighborhood
  • street scenes
  • Johannesburg airport
  • clouds, countryside, towns from plane
  • plane lands in Cape Town?
  • skyline
  • street scenes
  • teacher and schoolgirls walk by
  • sign on truck: Katz & Co. / High Class Confectioners / Wedding Cakes & Pastries our Specialty
  • bus, street scenes
  • traffic cop directs traffic outside of the Board of Executors
  • exteriors of unidentified building
  • street scenes, exteriors of buildings
  • sign: "Twenty Four Hours of Prayer for Racial Harmony in St. Georges Cathedral"
  • Houses of Parliament in Cape Town
  • statue of Victoria R.I.
  • sign: "Government Ave"
  • garden, men working near statue
  • sign: "Art-Gallery / Museum"
  • unidentified church?
  • Table Mountain
  • aerial view of Cape Town, including the harbor
  • Jameson Memorial Hall
  • Dorothy at University of Cape Town?
  • young people on lawn, steps
  • chauffeur leans against black car
  • young people on lawn, steps
  • cars parked on street
  • sign: "University of Cape Town"
  • unidentified structure on hillside
  • street scenes, buildings
  • boat: Good Hope Castle
  • industrial scenes of port
  • billboard for Ackermans, "A family friendly store where you get... Value for your Money"
  • people, boats in Cape Town harbor and port
  • building: Port Offices - Hawekantore
  • seagulls
  • boat: H. Sawyer, Cape Town
  • street scenes
  • aerial views of city and surrounding area, including the ocean
  • Dorothy and man look out at city
  • plaque: "This cornerstone was placed in position in the House of God at sea point Cape Town by the right Hon. J.C. Smuts P.C., M.P., Minister of Justice"
  • exteriors of buildings, close-up on door
  • Castle of Good Hope
  • sign: "Visitors to the Castle / William Fehr Collection Military Museum / Enquiries"
  • café
  • school group walks past the camera
  • aerial views of oceanfront and ocean, city and mountains
  • sign: "Chapmans Peak"
  • sign: "Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve"
  • scenery shot from moving car
  • sign: "Cape Town 37"
  • monkeys? peek in through vent on bus
  • Dorothy poses with ocean in background
  • sign: "Whites / Men & Women / Toilets"
  • people climb hill toward unidentified building
  • sign: "Toilets / Non Whites / Men & Women"
  • sign: "Viewpoint"
  • views of cliffs, ocean
  • unidentified building on hilltop

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Reversal original, Super 8mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(600 ft.)
Box 3
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 43:14)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 43:14)
Box 1
  • cartoon drawings of Dorothy and Morris with a huge lion between them
  • entrance to Mount Kenya Safari & Game Ranch
  • Morris stands next to sign: "Mount Kenya Safari Club"
  • Morris in field
  • landscapes
  • Dorothy in garden
  • views of sports club and garden area
  • unidentified couple goofs around, bumps into Dorothy
  • sign: "Danger / Wild Animals / Stay in Your vehicle / No Pedestrians / Speed Limit 15 Miles Per Hour"
  • animals, some in cages others on safari: warthogs, antelopes, giraffes, leopards, monkeys, gorillas, dik-diks, zebras
  • antelope? approaches car, sticks head in the window
  • exterior of Outspan Hotel
  • Dorothy sits at table
  • people gather in outdoor café
  • Dorothy and group on tour, at least one man with a rifle
  • landscapes, some with animals
  • Dorothy looks out over landscape from bridge
  • landscapes, some with animals
  • Dorothy and group on lookout bridge
  • close-ups on birds
  • Dorothy and group eat snacks from table
  • landscapes, some with animals
  • Dorothy with group of locals selling beaded necklaces
  • close-ups on locals
  • rural village
  • small child walks toward camera, herding animals?
  • landscapes, some with animals (including rhinos)
  • sand storm
  • group of identical tent-like structures
  • Dorothy walks out of tent #15
  • Dorothy with group of locals behind her
  • sign: "KENYA / This Sign is on the Equator"
  • Dorothy near sign, small market on other side of dirt road
  • Morris points to equator sign
  • sign: "Welcome to Tanzania"
  • landscapes, many with villagers
  • city street
  • directional signs
  • exterior of New Arusha Hotel
  • informal roadside market
  • clock tower
  • sign: "Meru Tavern Bar"
  • street scenes, including women carrying bundles on their heads
  • Dorothy walks toward camera, lawn chairs and pool nearby, hills and water in background
  • landscapes
  • exterior of Lake Manyara Hotel
  • zebra-painted buses
  • landscapes
  • back of white car with license plate KLL 65
  • entry gate with animal skull on fence
  • sign: "Lake Manyara National Park"
  • pathway and sign: "Take No Liberties with Dangerous Animals"
  • white car and zebra painted buses in lot
  • Dorothy walks toward building
  • landscapes with animals, including rhino with baby, hyena, flock of birds, lion, jackals, gazelles, wildebeest?, zebras, and others
  • sign: "Headquarters / Ngorongoro Conservation Unit"
  • a few locals stand along road, one by car -- perhaps at the Conservation Unit?
  • Lake Manyara? and environs, including wildlife such as zebras, birds, antelope, gazelles, lioness, buffalo, elephants, and others
  • young people approach camera, selling necklaces
  • group of tourists with cameras
  • children (some naked) run along road, approach camera, hold out hands
  • group of naked children dance
  • bare-breasted woman selling necklaces
  • huts on hillside
  • Dorothy exits bus
  • flowers and foliage
  • group enters Ben's Den
  • cheetah or leopard? in the shade
  • village and villagers
  • bare-breasted women
  • Dorothy poses with villagers
  • villagers gather, perform

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Reversal original, Super 8mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(400 ft.)
Box 3
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 29:40)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 29:40)
Box 1
  • street scenes in France
  • exterior of Hotel Inter-Continental
  • man directs traffic, street scenes
  • Dorothy across the street, cars whiz past
  • exterior of Hotel Meurice, Paris
  • golden statue of person on horse
  • group plays bocce ball in park
  • sidewalk scenes, gardens
  • fountain, possibly Tuileries Garden?
  • Arc du Carrousel
  • statues in park
  • exterior of Louvre, close-up on lion statues flanking door
  • scenes of the Seine River
  • street scenes
  • Dorothy on sidewalk, next to yellow vehicle
  • street scenes
  • priest? standing by lamppost
  • dogs playing in park, possibly Jardin du Luxembourg?
  • Dorothy sunbathing on deck near pool
  • view of ocean, harbor, coastline from pool deck
  • pool side bar
  • Dorothy reads paper in lounge chair on deck
  • skyline, pans to boats in harbor
  • views of French? coastline
  • Dorothy walks to unidentified building
  • signs: "Golfe-Juan / Syndicat d’Initiative" and "Cannes P.T.T."
  • street scenes
  • Dorothy exist building, walks toward camera
  • street scenes
  • boats in harbor
  • palm trees and pedestrians along promenade
  • boats in harbor
  • close-up on boat: "Komati Southampton"
  • Dorothy near gate on dock
  • title: "Boats boats boats!"
  • close-up on water
  • views of coastline, water, ocean liner, sailboat
  • beachgoers wade into water, sunbathe on rocks
  • views of coastline, water, harbor
  • abstract sculpture and mosaic on building
  • Dorothy walks out of unidentified building, possibly an art museum?
  • artwork in museum, some is underexposed
  • sidewalk scene, Dorothy at café
  • beach scenes, including nearby promenade
  • exterior of Palais des Festivals et des Congres, Cannes
  • couple eats at beachside café
  • Dorothy exits InterContinental Carlton Cannes
  • sign: "Carlton Beach"
  • beach scenes
  • close-up on exterior of unidentified building
  • beach scenes, including a number of topless sunbathers
  • kids ride bicycles in city square
  • pigeons gather around woman with cane seated on bench
  • buildings along river? and suspension bridges in Hungary?
  • exteriors of building, possibly Buda Castle, under construction
  • close-up on lion statue
  • exteriors of building under construction
  • statue littered with rubble
  • pieces of statue on ground
  • sign: "Magyar Munkasmozgalmi Muzeum"
  • exteriors of building
  • street and sidewalk scenes
  • statue in city square
  • Dorothy talks to a woman in courtyard, kids learn over banister
  • close-up: street number “66”
  • exterior of Inter-Continental
  • scenes of Heroes’ Square, including tour group and uniformed men
  • hazy views of Budapest skyline, Danube River
  • street scenes, including Dorothy walking with tour group
  • sign: "(visual) no dogs"
  • Fisherman's Bastion
  • hazy views of Budapest skyline, Danube River
  • Dorothy walks toward unidentified building with woman
  • Danube River and buildings on opposite bank
  • traffic as seen from tour bus?
  • directional sign: "Esztergom, Visegrad"
  • cemetery?
  • sign: "Autobusz / Panorama / Buszmegallo a Fellegvarhoz / Bushaltestelle Zur Citadelle"
  • mountainside, views of rural Danube River
  • close-up on ruins on mountaintop
  • Dorothy talks to woman on sidewalk
  • women sit on bench
  • ruins on mountaintop
  • Dorothy still talking to woman on sidewalk
  • boat pulls away from dock
  • structure, possibly ruins, on hillside
  • aerial views of countryside
  • Dorothy and friends? pose for camera
  • Dorothy and friends? walk along rural road
  • directional sign, difficult to read
  • directional sign: "Etterem Restaurant"
  • ruins on hilltop
  • sign: "Pilisi Parkerdo, and others"
  • aerial view of Danube River
  • Dorothy and friends? wander around ruins
  • views of countryside
  • sign in Hungarian
  • small group gathers at roadside
  • woman sells wares at small table
  • tour bus and tour group in parking lot
  • directional sign: "WC"
  • fortress on hilltop
  • scenes of Danube River
  • sign in Hungarian
  • scenes of Danube River, fortress on hilltop
  • directional sign: "Budapest, Esztergom"
  • Dorothy sits on bench, smoking
  • signs in Hungarian
  • small boats on Danube River
  • passengers, including Dorothy, on ferry
  • views of countryside from river
  • man with dachshund on shore
  • Dorothy on street in small Hungarian town
  • suburban, arguably rural, street scenes
  • sign: "Beszallas Budapest Fele"
  • sign: "MHRT Nagymaros"
  • buildings alone Danube in Budapest
  • Dorothy poses for camera
  • Budapest street scenes

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Reversal original, Super 8mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(500 ft.)
Box 3
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 33:04)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 33:04)
Box 1
  • exterior of Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten
  • street scenes
  • sign: "Nationaltheater"
  • National Theater in Munich, Germany
  • street scenes, including U-bahn entrance
  • traditional Bavarian architecture
  • flower market
  • street scenes of downtown Munich
  • window of butcher shop
  • street scenes, including outdoor market
  • buildings with Lowenbrau logo
  • more scenes from the outdoor market
  • sign: "Kartoffel Verkauf (Potato Sale)"
  • sign: "Marienplatz / Tal"
  • Munich street scenes
  • street sign: "Ludwigstrasse"
  • traffic
  • sign: "Neue pinakothek / Staatsgalerie moderner kunst"
  • statue outside of neue pinakothek
  • artwork in neue pinakothek, most underexposed
  • exterior of unidentified building, including close-ups on damage
  • sidewalk scenes, including group gathered to watch…?
  • directional sign: "Olympia-Radstadion, Leichtathletikhalle, Olympiastadion"
  • Munich’s Olympic facilities
  • sidewalk scenes in Munich shopping district
  • glockenspiel at Marienplatz
  • sidewalk scenes, including close-up on Hirmer
  • Dorothy window-shopping at jewelry store
  • sign: "Schmuck Uhren Huber Trauringe"
  • sidewalk scenes
  • more of Munich’s Olympic facilities, including Olympichalle and Olympicstadion
  • exterior of Hofbrauhaus

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Reversal original, Super 8mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(190 ft.)
Box 3
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 16:02)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 16:02)
Box 1
Reversal original, Super 8mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(400 ft.)
Box 4
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 23:20)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 23:20)
Box 1
  • Dorothy sitting in stadium with others
  • head leaders
  • British flag on rooftop, highway in background
  • aerial view of city and surroundings
  • unidentified building
  • street scenes, including double decker red buses
  • Dorothy walks through gate
  • street scenes
  • sign: "Knightsbridge Spaghetti House"
  • sidewalk and street scenes
  • exteriors of Hyde Park Hotel
  • The Scotch House / Burberry’s on London corner
  • street scene, with Harrod’s in distance
  • Dorothy walks along sidewalk, walks into purse shop
  • visit to unidentified site, outside of London?
  • sunbathers on lawn
  • signs for Cafeteria, Ladies
  • Big Ben, Palace of Westminster from across the Thames
  • Gresham Street, London
  • Guildhall
  • sign: "Site of Blackwell Hall, 1356-1820"
  • exteriors of buildings
  • interiors of church? including stained glass windows
  • Dorothy on street outside of The George Inn
  • performance at outdoor theater
  • sign: "The Dickens House Library & Museum"
  • residential street, sign on building: "Stable Yard"
  • sign on building: "Stable Yard"
  • Queen’s Guardsman in distance
  • Little St. James’s Street, London
  • Selwyn House
  • views of buildings, rose garden
  • street scenes
  • sign: "Mariscos"
  • Dorothy and couple at café table
  • Greenwich Park overlooking London, views of Queen’s House?
  • statue at park
  • sign: "Prime Meridian of the World"
  • Royal Observatory
  • exteriors of National Maritime Museum
  • River Thames?
  • exteriors of unidentified building, possibly Royal Naval College?
  • friend pouts and walks toward camera
  • Cutty Sark and environs
  • Gipsy Moth IV
  • friend hams it up for the camera
  • Royal Naval College
  • restaurant: The Bull at Bisham
  • grounds of the Compleat Angler Hotel
  • Dorothy and couple at café
  • River Thames in Marlow
  • George Dragon Hotel, High Wycombe
  • street scenes, including British police
  • Dorothy and couple walks through gardens
  • grounds and exterior of unidentified residence
  • sign: "Thames Conservancy NOTICE"
  • boats on dock
  • family walks along shaded path
  • Dorothy and couple along bank of River Thames
  • Spread Eagle Hotel and environs
  • sidewalk and street scenes in small town
  • building: "The Wheatsheaf? Fine Horsham Ales"
  • clock tower / rotunda
  • bulletin board for Chichester Cathedral
  • people at park, pans to street scenes
  • Chichester Cathedral, West Sussex?; under renovation
  • city square
  • Horse Guards Avenue, City of Westminster
  • posted schedule for changing of the Queen’s Life Guard
  • Queen’s Guard
  • street scenes, including unidentified building
  • more shots of Queen’s Guard; Dorothy approaches guard on horseback
  • street scenes in London?

Use Copies: DVD use copy available.

Reversal original, Super 8mm, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(200 ft.)
Box 4
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 16:23)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 16:23)
Box 1
  • harbor and other boats (one with German flag), shot from boat
  • church on riverbank
  • street scenes, blurry signs… one is for Hauptbahnhof
  • Dorothy and young woman on sidewalk
  • exterior of hotel, name is blurry
  • Dorothy and young woman walk toward hotel
  • young kids play in fountain
  • sidewalk scenes
  • close-ups of cathedral in Cologne, Germany
  • Dorothy and woman near café
  • Dorothy boards bus
  • people on deck of river boat
  • boats (one is labeled 150 Jahre Koln-Dusseldorfer), riverbank from boat
  • Dorothy and young woman walk down hallway
  • boats, bridges, riverbank shot from boat
  • interior of boat, Dorothy and young couple sit at café
  • passengers on deck of boat
  • flags lowered
  • Dorothy and others look out over boat deck
  • more scenes from the boat trip
  • young girl jumps down steps, art propped up along sidewalk
  • sidewalk and street scenes
  • building: "Correos Y Telegrafos" (Posts and telegraphs)
  • building: "Caja Portal de Amorros"
  • Dorothy window-shops
  • sidewalk and street scenes
  • sign for Air France
  • billboard: "Dinero de verano / Banco de Bilbao"
  • Dorothy walks toward camera
  • scenes of narrow street
  • poster: "Maria del mar Bonet"
  • man points to words written on wall, Dorothy and young woman nearby
  • woman seated on balcony
  • aerial view of street scenes
  • sign: "La Loza Mallorquina Juan Canals No. 7"
  • sidewalk scenes, shops
  • street scenes
  • boats in small inlet, nearby hotel
  • close-ups on boats in inlet
  • blurry sign
  • hotel pool
  • close-ups on boats in inlet
  • docked boats, including large boat: Stena Germanica
  • harbor, dock, nearby roads
  • passengers on Stena Germanica
  • another large boat: Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • skyline, including fortress on hilltop
  • visit to fortress
  • close-ups on cathedral
  • Dorothy and young woman walk along sidewalk
  • sidewalk and street scenes, including art shop
  • Dorothy and others explore gardens?
  • beach scenes, back to the small inlet with boats
  • Dorothy on balcony overlooking inlet
  • beach scenes, sunbathers and boats in inlet
  • hotel pool and surrounding landscapes
  • buildings and environs, some shot from car
  • group rides by on horses
  • airplane building?
  • sign: "Bar Restaurante Pour Redo"
  • pile of unknown construction elements
  • view of ocean and surrounding landscape, including a shots of Dorothy with an unidentified man
  • woman walks to hotel pool
  • sidewalk and street scenes, including a number of signs in German, also Spanish
  • field of trees
  • small town streets captured from car
  • building: "Casa Consistorial"
  • unidentified church and environs
  • ocean and coast
  • buildings under construction
  • gardens and natural landscapes
  • hotel pool and environs, including hillside
  • sunbathers and swimmers at the hotel pool, including Dorothy
  • young girls walk down street in village
  • wandering around streets of small village, shots of natural environs
  • nuns in small village
  • more wandering and shots of natural environs

Use Copies: DVD use copy available.

Reversal original, Super 8, si., co., reel 1 of 1
(425 ft.)
Box 4
Preservation tape master, Digital Betacam
(TRT: 28:32)
Preservation DVD master
(TRT: 28:32)
Box 1

During their travels, the Margolin family took many color photographs of their surroundings, and had them formatted into color film transparencies (slides). The slides are in good condition and are quite vivid, with images usually depicting buildings, native citizens, the Margolin family, street scenes, and typical tourist sights. Of particular interest are over 200 hundred slides from Russia taken in the 1960s, and many images of Israel from the 1960s and 1971. There are also pictures taken in Thailand in 1959 (the earliest in the series), and images from Florence, Italy, in 1968, two years following the devastating 1966 flood.

The slides, arranged in chronological order and then alphabetically by country, were originally in carousels; their original projection sequencing has been preserved.

Bangkok, Thailand, 1959
(80 items)
Box 6
French Riviera; Paris, France; Majorca and Barcelona, Spain, 1959
(69 items)
Box 6
Italy, 1959 and 1967

Includes Florence, Verona, Rome, Villa D'Este, and Como.

(60 items)
Box 6
Greece, 1964
(74 items)
Box 6
Israel, 1964

A note on the carousel box for Tray 1 of 2 says "With Eleanor and Kal [?]."

(80 items)
Box 6
USSR, 1964-1967, and Paris, undated
(91 items)
Box 6
USSR, 1964-1967

Includes Moscow and Leningrad. A note on the carousel box says "Excellent," and "Sound on tape."

(80 items)
Box 6
Italy, 1964

Includes Colombo, Naples, and Taormina.

(70 items)
Box 6
Paris, France, 1964
(50 items)
Box 6
Moscow, USSR, 1964 and 1967

A handwritten note on the carousel box says "Sound on tape."

(73 items)
Box 6
Japan, 1965

Includes Fuji-Hakone National Park and Osaka.

(76 items)
Box 6
Japan, 1965

Includes Tokyo and Hiroshima.

(72 items)
Box 6
Karachi; Hawaii; San Francisco, 1965
(66 items)
Box 6
Kyoto, Dogo Spa, Japan, 1965
(69 items)
Box 6
France, 1967

Includes Paris and the Riviera.

(73 items)
Box 6
Deauville, France, and Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1967
(79 items)
Box 7
USSR, 1967

Includes Yalta and Kiev.

(80 items)
Box 7
Venice, Italy, 1967
(46 items)
Box 7
Ireland, 1968
(82 items)
Box 7
Italy, 1968

Includes Milan and Rome.

(61 items)
Box 7
Italy after the floods, 1968

Includes Verona and Florence.

(52 items)
Box 7
Italy, 1968 and 1972

Includes Sestri Levante, Montelatini, Portofino, and Lucca.

(62 items
Box 7
Rome, Italy, 1968
(76 items)
Box 7
France, 1969 Nov.

Includes Paris and the Riviera.

(77 items)
Box 7
Spain, 1969 Nov.
(60 items)
Box 7
Spain, 1969

Includes Granada, Seville, Madrid.

(92 items)
Box 7
Gibraltar, Morocco, 1969
(126 items)
Box 7
Capri, Italy, 1971 Sept.

Includes a few slides from Holland, 1971 Nov.

(105 items)
Box 7
Africa, October 1971

Includes Nairobi, Johannesburg, Capetown, and Durban.

(131 items)
Box 8
Addis Ababa, Africa, October 1971
(76 items)
Box 8
African Safari, October 1971 and Sofia, Bulgaria, 1975

Includes Kenya, Tanzania, Zululand, and South Africa.

(122 items)
Box 8
Israel, 1971 Oct.

Includes Jerusalem, Jericho, and Tel Aviv.

(142 items)
Box 8
France, 1972
(91 items)
Box 8
Italy, 1972
(2 folders, 140 items)
Box 8
Munich, Germany; Zagreb, Yugoslavia, September/October 1972
(118 items)
Box 8
Switzerland, 1972

Includes Basel, Bern, and Geneva.

(62 items)
Box 8
Switzerland, October 1972

Includes Zermatt and Zurich.

(136 items)
Box 8
Bucharest, Romania, Sofia, Bulgaria, and Budapest, Hungary, Sept.-Oct. 1975
(167 items)
Box 8
France, 1975 Sept.

Includes Paris and Cannes.

(138 items)
Box 9
London, England, 1976
(26 items)
Box 9
Majorca and Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1976 July
(125 items)
Box 9
Rhine River Cruise, July 1976
(67 items)
Box 9
England, 1980 July

Includes Bournemouth, Bath, and Stratford-upon-Avon.

(129 items)
Box 9
Canadian Rockies, July 1981
(186 items)
Box 9
Italy, 1982
(127 items)
Box 9
Italy, 1982
(135 items)
Box 9
Portugal and Italy, undated
(42 items)
Box 9
Thailand and Paris, France, undated
(71 items)
Box 9

Historical Note

Born on July 28, 1908 in Brooklyn, New York, Morris Margolin spent most of his life in the New York metropolitan area. He graduated from New York University (NYU) in 1926 and taught accounting at Far Rockaway High School in Queens, New York from 1933 to 1940. Morris was the founding partner of Margolin, Winer & Evans, an accounting firm established in Jamaica, New York, in 1946 that later moved to Garden City, Long Island. He was also a charter member and former president of the Jamaica, Queens, chapter of B’nai B’rith, a global Jewish community service organization.

In 1936, Morris married Dorothy Safran. Dorothy was born to Polish parents in Budapest, Hungary, on July 28, 1911. Her family emmigrated to the United States in 1913 and settled in New York City. Dorothy graduated from NYU, where she studied Spanish language and culture and also did graduate work. Dorothy was a lover of the arts and an active member of Women Strike for Peace. The couple had two daughters: Elaine born in 1940, and Linda born in 1944.

Morris was an amateur filmmaker, photography enthusiast, and classical music aficionado. The Margolins were avid travelers, taking an extensive series of international trips. Morris documented their travels through his photography and filmmaking and then shared his films with fellow members of the Metropolitan Film Club in Manhattan and at B’nai B’rith functions. The couple also hosted screenings in their home for friends and family.

Morris retired in 1970, and the Margolins soon moved to Palm Beach, Florida, where Morris continued to share his films and photos with new friends. Morris passed away in 1990, Dorothy in 2007.

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[Identification of item], Morris and Dorothy Margolin film Collection, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University.


The Morris and Dorothy Margolin film collection was received by the David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library as a gift in 2006 and 2011.

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Processed by Stephanie Barnwell, September 2011; some shot lists by Beth Ann Koelsch

Encoded by Stephanie Barnwell, September 2011

Addition of slides processed by Levi Crews and Sara Reams, November 2013; encoded by Paula Jeannet Mangiafico and Sara Reams, November 2013

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