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The Return of Mad Men Mondays!

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As the final epiosdes of Mad Men air so do our Mad Men Monday blog posts.  Read episode recaps and view a selection of vintage advertisements inspired by brands, products, and events referenced in each epiosode.  The blog is publihsed every monday on the Rubenstein Library Devil's Tale.  

Owl and Lamp Logo J. Walter Thompson Co. Timeline

 To help celbrate 150 years of JWT accomplishments in and contributions to the advertising  industry the Hartman Center has created an interactive online timeline tracing the agency's  history.  

 The timeline marks key events in the company's history: long-standing client relationships;  key personnel; national and international office openings; technical and media innovations;  and more. 

 The timeline has been broken up into two parts. Part I traces the agency's history from it's  founding in 1864 as Carlton & Smith through 1930.  And Part II brings us up to the 2000s  and agency accomplishments under former CEO Bob Jeffrey.

 Enjoy exploring the history of one of the industry's largest and most enduring advertising agencies through photos, documents, print ads, and ephemera.



Trish Wheaton Trish Wheaton Talk

 From Niche to Mainstream: Planet Brands and the Rise of the Socially Conscious Consumer

 March 4th, 2014

 A special talk with Trish Wheaton, CMO of Wunderman and Managing  Partner of Y&R  Advertising, two global marketing giants. Wheaton leads a  cross disciplinary  sustainability consulting practice that works with major  brands to tell their sustainability story credibly and compellingly. In this  talk, Wheaton will share how many of the world's leading brands are becoming more sustainable in their operations, their manufacturing and in the products they make. These "Planet Brands" are leading the way to take sustainability from niche interest to a mainstream sentiment.Wheaton will also introduce a rapidly growing global market of socially conscious consumers, "The Aspirationals" who are demanding that companies be part of solving social and environmental problems. In an age of increasing transparency, Aspirationals want companies to talk about what they are doing: "If you do it, say it." Wheaton's talk will also include best case examples of companies who have told their sustainability story credibly and well.

Co-sponsored by the Nicholas School's Enviromental Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, the Duke Marketing Club and the Markets & Management Studies program.

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