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Index of Archival Finding Aids by Personal Name

Use these lists to browse through terms that have been encoded as significant personal names. For more information on how to use these lists, please see the Browse by descriptive terms page.

from 1968 to Adams, Fannie
from Adams, Franklin P to Airy, Sir George Biddell
from Aiton, Arthur S to Alexander, David
from Alexander Eckstein to Allen Guttmann
from Allen, Horatio to Amparo Ochoa
from Amter, Israel to Angier Biddle Duke
from Angier Buchanan Duke to Applewhite, Jim
from Applied Physics Laboratory to Arrow, Kenneth J., 1921-
from Arrowood, Gordon C to Attorney J.M. Brougloth
from Attwood, M to Badger, George Edmund
from Baer, William to Balearic Islands. Port Mahon. Maps
from Bale, Joy to Barnard, Frederick Augustus Porter [?]
from Barnes, George Anthony to Bashful, Emmett
from Bash, Lawerence to Beam, Jeffrey
from Bean, Orson to Bendixon, Alfred
from Benedetti, Mario to Berge, Carol
from Berger, Arthur to Bethune, Thelmer
from Betsy Locke's to Bill Cox
from Bille, Steen [?] to Blair, B.H. Mrs
from Blair, David H to B.N. Duke
from B.N. Duke) to Bonner, James C
from Bonner, Susan to Bowick, H. A
from Bowie, Eura to Branchcomb, Flossie
from Branch, Douglas M to Brian Jenkins
from Brian R. McCaffrey to Bromberg, J. Edward
from Bromfield, Louis to Brown, James S., Jr
from Brown, J.C to Bryant, Eddie
from Bryant, Ella to Bumgartner
from Bunch, Charlotte, 1944- to Busch, Fred
from Busch, Frederick, 1941- to Cain, Gloria
from Cain, Harry P to Campbell, John (1794-1867)
from Campbell, Killis to Carawan, Guy
from Carawan, S/Sgt. Walt Jr to Carriere, J. M
from Carringer, Robert to Cassels, John
from Casserly, Eugene to Cesare Pavese
from C. Gershman to Charles Evans Hughes
from Charles E. Wiggins to Cherry
from Cherry, George L to Christopher, William E. Jr
from Christophorides, Demetrios to Clarkson, Thomas
from Clarkson, Thomas, 1760-1846 to Close, Upton
from Clouden, Theressa to Colantoni, Claude S
from Colass to Comeau, James L
from Comer, Donald to Cooper, Gary
from Cooper, Ida to Couch, Virgil Lee
from Couch, William T to Cranhshaw, Edward
from Cranmer-Byng, J. L to Crouse, Russell
from Crowe, Charles R to Cyril Clemens
from Cyr, Kathleen to Dan K. Moore
from Dannye Romine Powell to Davidson, et. al., Geraldine
from Davidson, Geraldine to Davis, Rennard
from Davis, Richard Beale to De Frates, Steven
from Degener, Claire to DePeyster, Marilu
from DePhillips, Madeline to Dickey, James
from Dickey, Larry to Djilas, Milovan
from D.J. West to Donner, Frank
from Donner, Richard to Doyle, Bernadette
from Doyle, Dan to Duckery, Nathaniel
from Ducksworth, Lee to Duncan, Julia Nunnally
from Duncan, Pope A to Earl Browdert
from Earl Brown to Edmonds, Helen G. (Helen Grey), 1911-1995
from Edmonds, Marian to Ehrlich, Alexander
from Ehud Havazelet to Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain
from Elizabeth Janeway to Emanuel Celler
from Emanuel Evans to Erickson, James
from Erickson, Nancy to Evans, Clyde M
from Evans, Docea to Falgatter, Tarshis
from Falk to Fearing, Franklin
from Feather, Dr. and Mrs. Ben to Few, Mary R
from Few, Mrs. William Preston to Fisher, Dorothy Canfield
from Fisher, Ernest M to Flowers
from Flowers, Aurie to Forest, Earl
from Foriyes, Tina to Frances Minor Henderson Houff
from Frances P. Gaines to Frank W. Hancock
from Frank Wisbar to Freneau
from Freneau, Philip Morin, 1752-1832 to Funt, Dorothy
from Fuqua, Eleanor to Gans, Sidney
from Gant, Roger to Garsson, Murray
from Garst, Robert to Genth, Frederick Augustus (1820-1893)
from Gentry, J. J to George West
from George Whicher to Giegling
from Giegling, Franz, 1921- to Gisborne, Thomas
from Gisbourne to Goertz, Don
from Goethe, C.M to Goodwin, Nancy
from Goodwin, Steve to Graaf, Homer J
from Grabbe, Stanley to Gray, Cecille
from Gray family to Grenville, William Wyndham Grenville, Baron, 1759-1834
from Gresset, Michel to Gruenther, Alfred Maximilian
from Gruenwald, Henry W to Guy, David
from Guy Laroque) to Halper, Albert
from Halpern, Eli to Hankla, Susan
from Hanks, Nancy, 1927-1983 to Harper, Michael S
from Harper, Norman D to Harris, Wilson
from Harrod, R. F to Hatfield, Caroline
from Hatfield, Lansing to Haynie, Bill and Joyce
from Haynsworth, Clement Furman to Heiss, Klaus P
from Helderman, L. C to Henigson, Jeffrey
from Henin, P.Y to Herbert Marcuse
from Herbert M. Lineberger to Hickman, Lynn
from Hickman, W. B to Hinks, Kennett
from Hinks, Kennett Webb, 1897-1982 to Hoey, Clyde R
from Hoey, Clyde Roark, 1877 to Holmes, William
from Holmgren, R. John to Horovitz
from Horowitz, A. Keane to Howell, Moody A
from Howells to Huff, Robert
from Huffstickler, Albert to Hunt, Roy
from Hunt, Timothy A to Inman, Harry
from Inman, Samuel Guy to JACKSON, JESSE
from Jackson, Jesse to James Buchanan Duke's
from James Burnett to James Webb Young
from James Weeker to J.B. Rhine
from J., Brian to Jerome, V.J
from ( Jerry Apodaca) to Jocher, Katherine
from Jodi Cahn to John Hughes
from John J. Abt to Johnson, Don
from Johnson, Dorothy to John Updike
from John Vachon to Jones, Otha B. Strong
from Jones, Peter Smith to Joseph Sperling
from Josephs, Ray to Julian, W. A
from Julie Felix to Kanin, Michael
from Kanipe, J. Edward to Kazakevich, Vladimir D
from Kazan, Elia to Kennedy, Chars
from Kennedy, C.M., Esq to Keys, J.C
from Keys, Ulysses S to Kingsbury, John A
from Kingsland, W. J to Knapp, Joseph Grant
from Knapp, Ruth to K. Pollitt
from K. Price to Kuskin, Karla
from Kuykendall, Bill and Alice and family to Lanahan, E. L
from Lancaster, Kelvin to Larry Rubin
from Larry Thomas to Lawrence, Don and Jerrie
from Lawrence, Elizabeth to Lee, Charles E
from Lee, Charles Wesley to Leijonhufvud, Axel
from Leijonhufvud, H. Johnson to Letticia Baldrige
from Letts, John C to Lewis, Rosetta
from Lewis, Ruth to Lindley, J. Van
from Lindley, Mrs. Jas. J to Livingston, Omeda
from Li Wei Kun to Long, Hamilton A
from Long, Herman to Louis Orr
from Louis Roddis to (Luc Fauvel
from Lucha Reyes to Lyne S. Few
from Lynn to Macomb, Alexander
from Maconochie-Vance Gap Road to Malone, Paul B
from Malone, Ruth to Marchant, Henry, 1741-1796
from March, David D to Marion Kilson
from Marion Lewis to Martha Copeland
from Martha Crocker to Mary Custis Lee
from Mary D.B. T. Semans to Matthews, David
from Matthews, Diane to Mayo, Bernard
from Mayo, Mary to McClendon, Rose
from McClernon, Robert E to McDougall, C. A
from McDougall, Jo to McKenzie, William N., Jr
from McKenzie, William N., Sr to M.D. Biddle
from M. Durand to Menger, Karl
from Menger, Karl, 1902- to Michael Coleman
from Michael Cunningham to Miller, A. C
from Miller, Arthur to Mimi Faria
from Mimms, Horace to M. Moore
from M. M. Postan to Mooney, Mrs. Charles
from Moon, Henry Lee to Morgan, Leander
from Morgan, Lucy (Penland School) to Mosak, Jacob
from Mosby, Carolyn to Mrs. Mary H. Peeples
from Mrs. Max Lane to Murray, Donald
from Murray, Edwin L to Nash, Edith
from Nasher, Ray to Nesta Ramazani
from Nettels, Curtis, P to Nin, Anais
from Nippert, Alfred K to Norton Marks
from Norton, Sidney to O'Higgins
from Ohlin to Osborne, Lord Sidney Godolphin
from Osborne, Ralph Bernal to Paddington, Arch
from Padgett, James A to Parker, Foxhall Alexander (?-1857) [?]
from Parker, Harold T to Pattie Duke Moore(
from Pattison. Hortense R. (Harold Shuttles) to P. Bernstein
from P. B. Young to Pegram, Irene Craven
from Pegram, John D to Perry, Marvin
from Perry, Mary to Petty
from Petty, David Bruce to Pickering, Timothy, 1745-1829
from Pickering, Tom to Pochmann, Henry August
from Pocock, Christine to Porterba, James
from Porter, Celestine to Pratt, Sara
from Preble George Henry to Princess Chavehavadza
from Princess Grace [Grace Kelly] to Quinn, Charlie H
from Quinn, Hersey to Randall, Edwin T
from Randall, J. G to Rayburn, Joe Hubert
from Rayburn, Lafayette to Reed, Louis
from Reed, Mark to Rep. James C. Wright, Jr
from Rep. James P. Ritter to Ricardo
from Ricardo, D to Richard Watts Hudgens)
from Richard Wing to Rivkin, Lawrence
from Rix, William to Robert Kennedy
from Robert Keohane to Robert Ward
from Robert W. Carter to Roddis
from Roddis, Louis H. (Louis Harry), 1918- to Ronald Reagan
from Ronald Sampson to Rosenbaum, Jean
from Rosenbaum, Robert to Rourke, Ralph M
from Rouse, Mary F to Ruggiero, Harry
from Ruggles, Carl to Rymes
from Rymes, Prof. T. K to Samuel Danforth
from Samuel De Palma to Sarda, Peter
from Sarett, Lew R to Scherer, John Jacob, Jr
from Scherer, Marcel to Scioli, Joseph
from Scitovsky, Tibor to Seifert, C. A
from Seiffer, Sam to S. Fischer
from S. Fisher to Sheinkman-J.P. Stevens
from Sheldon Chang) to Short, Carvel G
from Short, Harold, Sr to Silver, Charles H
from Silver, James W to Singer, Hans Wolfgang
from Singer, H.W to Slonim, Gilven M
from Slonimsky, Nicolas to Smith, Junius
from Smith, Justin H to Sojourner Truth
from Sokoloff to Spencer, Brent
from Spencer, Elizabeth to [Stanley B. Resor
from Stanley, Edward (1779-1849) to Stephanie Keys
from Stephanie Taddeo to Stewart, Jimmy
from Stewart L. Hawkins to Stout, Kristin
from Stout, Rex to Styron, William, 1925--Biography
from Styron, William, Sr to Swan, Gladys
from Swanigan, Daniel to Talmadge, Herman E
from Talman, James J to Taylor, Ron
from Taylor, Rosita to Theodore M. Whitfield
from Theodore Solotaroff to Thompson, E. Bruce
from Thompson, Edgar Tristam to Thurman, John Richardson
from Thurmond, Strom to Tod Smith
from Todt, George H to Trescott, Paul
from Trescott, Prof. Paul B to Turrentine, Mattie
from Turrentine, Mattie C to Valerie Harms
from Valerie Meliotes Arms to Venters, Travis
from Ventrue, Tony to Visscher, Maurice
from Vitagliano, Francis to Waldau, Roy
from Walden, Earl W to ( Walter DeVries)
from Walter E. Lewis) to Warner, Earl E
from Warner, Lucien to W. D. O'Connor
from W.D. Snodgrass to Weisenburger, Francis P
from Weiserbs, Daniel to Western, Lord Charles Callis
from Western (Western) to White, Helen
from Whitehill, Ben to Wilder, Mrs. Mary E
from Wildes, Robt. Eugene to William Fisher
from William G. Browne to William Shore
from Williams, Hortense to Willis, Edward
from Willis, Ellen to Winifred J. Harley
from Winkler, Betty to Womble, Bunyan Snipes
from Womble, Matt to Wright, Archie
from Wright, Bill to Yates, Kyle M
from Yates, Richard to Zarucchi, Roy
from Zawadski, Wlodek to Zworykin, Vladimir

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