Elizabeth Johnson Harris
Life Story, 1867-1923
An On-line Archival Collection

Special Collections Library at Duke University

Sections of the Original Document

The following lists sections of the original document written by Elizabeth Johnson Harris which is held in the Special Collections Library at Duke University. By clicking on any of the sections listed, you will have access to a transcription and an image of the original pages in the document. Please note that the section divisions were not part of the original manuscript, but have been created to make viewing this long document easier. The sections appear below in the original order in which they were written.

Introduction (front cover)
Family life and structure (pp. 1 - 3)
Life with her grandparents, daily chores (pp. 3- 11)
School Life, Sunday School (pp. 11- 14)
Religious Life (pp. 14 - 21)
Musical Beginnings (pp. 21 - 23)
Church Community (pp. 23 - 25)
Courtship (pp. 25 - 31)
Marriage and Children (pp. 31 - 35)
Charles' Music Career (pp. 36 - 43)
Adult Lives of her Sons and Her Husband's Death (pp.43 - 46)
Her visit to Boston and New York City (pp. 47 - 63)
Harris' Writings and Family Stories (pp. 63 - 73)
Listing of her wedding gifts (pp. 74 - 75)
More about her Religious life (pp. 75 - 81)
Jubillee Songs (pp. 82 - 83)
Her husband and his death (pp. 83 - 85)
Appendix (13 pages)

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